#13 Nik Cox

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I dunno, he looks a bit bigger to me.

Still think he’s another couple preseasons away from being “AFL ready”. Keep playing him.


Hasn’t bulked up in the few weeks since Brad has taken over. That’s a clear indication of Brad’s intentions.


Cox put on like ten kilos last year didn’t he.
I’m not too worried about it.
I kind of expected he would be trialled in a KPP spot this year, but if not happy for him to be training with the mids, given he won his first 2km time trial after drafted.

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That seems a bit of a stretch. Maybe he wanted him back at training rested and ready to go first and foremost?

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He will take years to put in the size. You can’t add mass to his frame fast at a young age or he will break down again.

He’s just got the build shoulders and arms wise that seem like will never look overly muscular. Fletch esque

But in saying that he’s what 19-20yr old? Some tall kids find it extremely difficult to put on weight/size for a number of years.




Those two kicks weren’t exactly bullets

So long as Brad has a clear plan for Cox, I am not really concerned about his weight. Cox isnt going to be someone who bulks up quickly, and it may not even be necessary depending on the position he plays. He remains one of the most exciting prospects on our list imo. Really keen to see what he can provide in 2023.


Not sure it’s a stretch, it’s quite plausible! As is your opinion.

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His Dad was about 84 kg at his heaviest playing weight and 192 cm, and could have been a gun CHF if he didn’t have lots of injuries. I would like to see him go in as hard as his old man, who was a very tough nut, but I think he is a different type given his height.


200cm is a modern day CHF height. Being a runner would love him to progress to that.
Jones is a great runner too for his size, still hope for him as well.
Didnt cox get suspended or reported in one of his first matches. had to adjust.

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I didn’t suggest Nik Cox is soft at all, but I recall his Father would smile as he lined up blokes like Billy Duckworth did.

Could still be a beast in a few years. Nat Fyfe is a good example of what a few years in the gym can lead to:

Then again, there’s the Marty Gleeson type of build too…

Maybe we should be comparing his arms to his mums?

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That Cox bump in his first few games means he will never be considered soft, even if he is!

I just want to see him post a PB is the time trials, get that running capacity he has to really set himself up.

It’s a different game, champ.

Isn’t that #7 for Freo?