#13 Nik Cox

Not sure his name though.


His name is Bruce Banner. Wait till you see him in his purple shorts though…

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I hope we see him in the twos playing a high CHF role for majority of the year, this should be a big learning/development year for him that should set him up for the next 10 years.

Quite happy for Cox to be all knees and elbows and keep his cardio.

I don’t know where this soft tag is coming from. In his first year he was actually seeking body contact when he had the ball.
Through was easier than around for him, and he’s obviously a bigger build now.

There’s a lot of stress about this guy that I do not share at all.


Fyfe? Haha. If Cox even comes half as close, I would be happy. Cox doesn’t have the same drive.

Really? I thought it was Langford?

Clumsy. But never mind Cox in this clip - check out McGrath flying the flag…

Come on, dude. Stop talking out of your ■■■■.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but nobody here has any idea of what Cox’s “drive” is like.


Given he was captain of his U18 team it’s likely pretty good.

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He also trained like buggery through 2020 to become one of the fittest blokes in his draft. There’s plenty of good indicators.


Becsuse Cox himself has said he prefers defence and thats where he sees himself being most damaging


This will never cease to make me laugh.


There aren’t too many comparable players to him in the comp but THE LIZARD is probably someone who isn’t too dissimilar. And he has certainly benefited from going to half back and being able to see the whole ground in front of him and being able to run in straight lines. Perhaps that could be something that Cox could do. How the backline mix works with him there right now I’m not sure but it’s worth exploring whether this year or next.

The only thing with the Lizard is that he does have a wee bit more line breaking pace than Cox that helps him be quite damaging off the half back line. Or at least, he tends to use it more. But that could partly be due to Cox playing wing and focusing on constant, high volume, high aerobic running whereas if he played in the back line he’d probably appear faster than he currently does as he’d get more of a spell and not have to cover as much ground.


Right, that’s kind of disappointing but I guess if he can be a ranging and attacking defender then great. If he and Reid come along back there we might have something more than a makeshift back half in a couple of years

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Like clockwork at this club


We, like all clubs are going to get injuries. We just hope the prognosis is favourable. I was waiting for the proverbial ‘and so it begins…’ line.


Ankle got caught in a Hobbs tackle. Couldn’t put weight on it

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Get absolutely friar tucked

Whenever I hear ankle at training I always get PTSD from Michael Quinn ending Welsh’s career.