#13 Nik Cox



If you havent already written Cox’s career off, youre doing it wrong

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I don’t mind if we get injuries if we are training with a competitive level of intensity.

These boys need to learn how to be competitive and I’m so glad Scott is our coach and that he is trying to instil this as early as possible.

Jesus farking Christ…


Won’t make a difference with this bloke anyway. I’m getting the sense that Scott doesn’t see a place for him in the side at the moment. He’s probably going to get him to build an AFL body and test positions in the VFL before he is a regular (which is how it should have been from the start).


Tall, injury prone, and poorly developed, the Essington triple threat.

Heavy sarcastica though.

His career is clearly not written off, im a huge fan of cox.

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How did you get that impression? Interview?

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Yep. His interview on AFL.com.

Explained that he directly said to Cox “I don’t know where you fit in the side right now (position wise)”. I’m reading between the lines but I think that is a combination of his athleticism, but also because he is underweight so a key back/forward position would be premature.

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Essendon: We need a point of difference! Players that are tough to match up on.
Dodoro: drafts Cox
Essendon: Great! Let’s turn him into a bog standard KPP like we did with Stewart.


He’s currently not hard to match up on. Can easy be pushed out of position by a much shorter player.

Its probably not the worst approach to take with cox though. I wouldnt mind seeing him really master a more KPP position (if thats the long term goal) then have him find a spot in the seniors.

Cox will be a slow burn for us IMO, will take some time but will come good, way too much raw talent and physical traits for it not to happen.

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Because he’s 20.


Sucks for the kid. Hopefully the fact that he’s done it so early on means he can still get back for a big chunk of the pre-season.


No it’s not. It’s because of his body shape/size.

JHF is younger and significantly more powerful than Cox. So is Baldwin.

Yes, they’re different body types.
And Baldwin is such a great example of what Cox could turn out to be.

It would be so very Essendon to draft a unicorn, bulk him up, slow him down, play him in the reserves for six years and then cut him saying, ‘I don’t see what more we could have done. Must have been an attitude problem.’

Cox will never be a powerful as Baldwin.

We have to accept the reality that some body shapes will always find it very difficult at AFL level. There are obviously exceptions to this (Dustin Fletcher).

Cox is not a unicorn. He’s a very athletic, tall but skinny kid. IMO he was a massive risk of a pick, but I think he needs to spend a couple of years building his body and finding a consistent position in the VFL before breaking into the side.

I think he would have been the right level of risk for another club, but it was too high for the position we’re in.

On the flipside it would also be so very essendon to play him in the 22 at the current size in a role that he plays decently enough but never really dominates in, and then at the last moment try and play him as a KPP in an attempt to save his career only to find out we left it all too late and then trade them off for a 2nd/ 3rd rounder.

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Kepler Bradley Mk2

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This is exactly the scenario I see playing out.

People compare him to Mark Blicavs, but Blicavs has always had a stronger build than Cox (even at the same age). I see the comparison of Kepler Bradley as more accurate.

Ankle caught in a tackle is the classic syndesmosis mechanism.