#13 Nik Cox

I’m glad they used the definition filter.


The definition filter guy must have had the day off today, even Perkins looks like a rake.
Funny pic of Caddy, initially looks like he’s giving the bird.

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hes put on a lot of weight since getting drafted. everyones body is different and not everyone can have big biceps (which are useless in footy). you can look “wirey” and be super strong.


I’ve never questioned his strength.

His choice of haircut on the other hand…


He should be a long way off senior selection imo. Unless he’s improved a lot this off season


Yep more than happy for him to spend a year in the vfl needs to demand a senior spot

A full year in the VFL for a top 10 pick in his 3rd year, fk that…
He’ll flounder in the VFL, let’s get him fit and get some games in to him at Afl level, he’s already proved he can handle himself at the level.


Trade bait imo


Maybe not a full year but should earn his spot imo


Ah what exactly is stupid about it?
Nic looks like he has put on almost no muscle mass since he was drafted, now being an incredibly skinny person that does not seem at all optimal to me.

Im curious as to why he hasnt, because the “some people just cant put on muscle” comments are completely false, anyone with the right diet and nutrition and training plan can gain muscle. He is a professional athlete at a professional club, he has both of those things.

Its a perfectly reasonable question to ask.
Why are our players not developing physically like other clubs?


I think he should start in the VFL too.

But I suspect if he gets a clean run at it, he’ll be banging down the door at some point.

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Maybe if you dont have to run X amount of kilometres each day along with all the other stuff a professional footballer has to do which burns off not only calories you have consumed but also fat and muscle.

Your take is just wrong and he has the body type, just like Fletch, that is very hard to gain muscle.

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You then increase your calorie intake.

My take isnt wrong, this is proven science lmao.
Also, nic has had massive chunks in the last 3 years where he has been doing 0 running.
Whats your excuse for that?

Either he, or the club (much more likely given its not a one off) are not doing something right.

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Not sure you can blame the club… Tsatas, Durham etc have put on muscle mass.

It is not as easy as eat more, lift more. Believe it or not the human body has other complexities, like an individualised metabolism, which can be an added barrier to weight or muscle gain.

That’s without considering stress fractures and other long-term injuries which may impede someone’s ability to put on muscle.

Or should they of just sat him down on his ass and fed him maccas throughout his injuries until we start ripping him for not having enough definition in his training photos?


fletcher is a great example. he never had the big biceps but he was very strong in the contest. 198 cm and 92kg. Cox is 200cm and 94kg. His game is a running game so we probably dont want him getting too much bigger. Blicavs is 198cm and 95kg.


You think a guy running into injury issues running at 90kg won’t run into even more injury issues running at 100kg and with a prolonged period of deconditioning?

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Fair enough, I just don’t see him doing very well at VFL level, too scrappy and congested for him.

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No, I think a guy that has put on functional muscle will avoid injury.
Muscle helps with injury prevention.
Literally one of the best ways to prevent injuries is to strengthen muscle.

No ones talking about him putting on 10kg’s of fat.

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I don’t really get the fletcher example. He was literally a generational defender, he was a freak.

Not many defenders get away with the physique he had. He was the exception, not the rule. Not that i think cox is a defender anyway

Cox is unusually skinny. He’s going to struggle to make any meaningful impact until he puts on even a bit more size, which to be fair, looks unlikely