#13 Nik Cox

Its an example of a player that doesn’t put on much muscle. Nothing to do with his ability or anything else.

Its a fact that some people just struggle to gain muscle.

Dont really understand it either.

The game and our understanding of the human body/standards of athletes has also changed massively since Fletcher was playing.

We’re talking a 20 year difference.

I’m surprised he doesn’t look like Kaine Baldwin by now, I thought all people had the same genetics, metabolism, appetite, injury history, body shape and height


Well, everything above that line seemed ok to me.
Then you go and end it with the last line…

They aren’t.

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Interesting interview he did with “The Sash” at the clubs media day. Spoke about how he lost confidence in his ability during his time out with injury and touched on his indecisiveness with the football which is a common criticism here. Also mentioned he’s up to 96kgs, put on 20 kilos since coming to the club


Someone mentioned in a training report that he is a fair bit bigger when you see him on the track than expected.

Maybe he photographs skinny, it happens.

In the end I just hope he starts playing good footy again.

The bloke is saying he is up at 96kg, unless people think he is lying….



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They don’t actually care about his weight

They want biceps and shoulders


Watched him run past me at the Hangar last weekend. He’s significantly bigger than last season.


For everyone saying Cox hasn’t done enough to put weight on, he stated he has put on 20kg since he was drafted and is at 96kg now. That to me says he’s done plenty, he may never be the adonis that some blitzers want him to be. It’s confidence the lads needs now not weight.


Blicavs is listed as 101kg. Fletcher was also around 100kg at his peak when he was being matched up against the best forwards every week. He slimmed back down layer in his career when other players took the key back roles.

Dustin openly says he didn’t work hard in the gym.

Fletcher’s aversion to the weights room is a running joke at Essendon.

“They (his weights) haven’t been too big … but I do get in the gym and look like I’m doing something,” Fletcher said with typical nonchalance.

"Sometimes it’s looking out the window here and watching the rain.

“You have to do the work and I do just enough to get by.”


Yep, he said his end goal is up around 100kg and to eventually play as a key position type whilst still keeping his running power (but for now sees himself as a half back/winger).

Is 96-97kg atm, so up a few from 94kg last year.

Said he wants to get his game to a level where he’s one of the first picked.


Spoke pretty candidly, I like that.

I really want him to do well. I just hope he progresses well this year.


I love that man


What’s the rush with this guy?

He’s a unique athlete and a unique talent.

If it takes him till he is 24 that’s fine. He isn’t make or break right now and our season doesn’t depend on him making or breaking it.

If this year is a disaster… oh well… it’s really not the end of the world with a 200cm unicorn.


Honestly there’s no way he’s added 20kg to his frame, it’s a flat out impossibility when you look at the pics.
There’s just no way. 20kg no way. That is a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight to gain on ANY human body, let alone someone starting at 75kg, you would notice 20kg without question. He’s exaggerating. Possibly exaggerating by a long way.

I do have sympathy as a fellow ectomorph who also can’t gain muscle easily, but then again I don’t have access to professional athletic programmes, trainers, etc.

The main concern I have with Cox now tbh is just no idea where in the team he fits a need anymore, or who’s position he takes. He’s the new Aaron Francis.

I agree with the comment about where he should play, as maybe only Brad Scott has any idea.

Adding 20kg is not as hard as you maybe think. I recall standing next to Cox and Bryan when they both started and Bryan was tall, slim but looked healthy. Nik Cox was tall, skinny, hunched his shoulder and looked puny.

Now his upper body has filled out, he no longer looks hunched as he stands or walks and while slim, looks much more robust and healthy.

The irony to that is that Cox may have played his best footy in his first year when he was closer to 75 kg.


I think they put it on his forehead instead of his arms.

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