#13 Nik Cox

And for me, here lies part of the problem

Each to their own, but I’d prefer to use top 10 picks on solid, dependable 200 game players. Not unicorns as you and a heap of others have described him as. I’d prefer to draft “we’re not sure what he is, but he’s talented!” Types as category B/rookie picks/late picks and keep the top 10 picks for guys who you you know can have a defined position


So not 100% definite here, But I’d say most of our recent early picks were those that we had a position in mind. Reid, Bryan, Hobbsy, Archie, Caldwell (trade) and I’d add Tsatas are all coming nicely up to the top in their expected positions. Caddy too as natural forward looks the goods.

Only Nik Cox out of them all is yet to nail down a position. And that can be a weapon if he accepts the everyman utility role positively and gets his head and confidence right. One pick that might turn to gold …

He’s a wingman (which I still reckon its his go for now) , a backman interceptor, flank, relief ruckman or even as a key forward. He can be a point of difference and dead handy if he’s up and about this season. And BDB deploys him correctly…

Don’t mind the one off gamble that’s Nik Cox…


Listening to don the sash pod (interviewed Hind, Lav and Cox), Coxy said hes close to mid 90’s kgs now.
put on 22kg since drafted.
Aiming for just under 100kg, with more strength.
Position preference - Half back, Wing


Should we all be grateful that we aren’t focusing on jake or tippa’s fatness?


These guys are pretty good actually.

I laughed out loud when they nicknamed us ‘The Planes’ instead of ‘The Bombers’.

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I dont mind go planes, they have mercandise too.



My 5 year old son calls us the planes


Well, he’s obviously lying, since we’ve been told that that can’t be true by people in here who surely know.


We had 3 draft picks and if you are ever gonna take a swing it’s then.

And only Holmes and Bruhn who were drafted after him are players you would “consider “ swapping now IMO.

And Bruhn hasn’t been as good as Archie, and plenty of fans are saying he needs to launch this year and thus I can only imagine we’d be saying the same about Bruhn except he’d be just another short midfielder caught up in the Hobbs, Caldwell, Shiel, Merret, Parish balancing act.


Gulden has been handy. No one thought to bid on him till pick 32. That team was Geelong, who know a thing or two about spotting talent.

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I’m well and truely capable of putting on 20kg unfortunately.


and developing it.


He’s a 4th year player this year.
He shouldn’t be playing AFL unless he’s in the best 22. I think he’s miles off that.


How do you put on functional running muscle when you can’t run?

Thank god your son wasn’t born in the 60s - not because then he’d be your daddy - but because he’d be calling us the gliders.

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You dont add muscle from running.

Anyway, I formally apologise, its obviously just the photo because I seriously doubt Nik is lieng about having put on 20kg’s.
To anyone that responded to me saying some people just cant put on muscle, you were also wrong hehe.

In other news, just had knee surgery and my seeing a physio for the first time next week, booked in at the Hangar with the clubs phsyio which is cool.
First time I will have been there, does anyone know which days we are training next week?

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Loving the new training top more every time I see it. Should be our away strip.


Same Olds…Plains…all makes sense

His traits coming into the draft were more than that though. He wasn’t former basketballer or someone new to the sport. He was described as elite user of the footy and performed strongly at the combine both for endurance and speed.

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