#13 Nik Cox

Did we lie about his draft weight because it was listed at 87kg wasn’t it? 20kg on top of that is 107kg. I’m no mathematician however :muscle:

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maybe he is thinking back to the start of his under 18 year

From Rookie Me Central

4 May 2020 — PLAYER PAGE: ; Height: 199cm ; Weight: 82.1kg ; Position: Centre half-back/utility

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He’s still not 102kgs.

That was in May maybe Jan 1 2020 he was 74kg

We need to get to the bottom of this asap

maybe thats where all the gains went to?

Its very fair to say that draft wasn’t stacked with that many options but thats all hindsight. I still wouldnt select a guy like cox in the top 10 though, in any draft

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It wouldn’t help us avoid a clash against any team unfortunately. It would make us more marginally distinct from Sydney and Gold Coast who we can wear our home home guernsey against anyway.

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2020 draft was a bit of a crap shoot given not much footy played in their under 18 year.

Also people say this, then they complain when we select guys like Melksham over Fyfe.


Tuesday will be main training. Thursday captains run. Monday maybe a light craft session.


Some pottery and landscape painting?


He means you @TempleOfParish

Actually looking reasonably built there, could maybe do with 2-3 kg more lean muscle but you wouldn’t want to bulk him up beyond that unless you want to turn him into a KPP.


Looks like there’s more weight and strength through the core and legs. That’s a good platform for future growth across the shoulders, chest and arms.


If you want to believe that Nik is 96kg then that means he’s only 3kg lighter than Sam Weideman.
If you believe that then I have some lovely beachfront property in Lilydale to sell to you

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yeah but Weideman has no heart. Makes him lighter.

Cox is 3 cms taller. Not sure if that makes up the difference.


Why would he lie about it? He said he was 96 or 97kg depending on how much water he has on board. That’s pretty specific.


Maybe his ■■■■■ weighs a lot

Why do I lie about my height on my Tinder profile?

I dunno. But I’m guessing because you’re a creep suffering from small man syndrome.