#13 Nik Cox

When it comes to Cox bigger isn’t always better.
In all seriousness though, depends what the club’s long term plan for him is.
If it’s a rangy wingman that plugs gaps he probably isn’t far off his ideal playing weight (imo), if they see him as a KPD then he still has another 5-10kg to gain.


He played on membrey most of the day and membrey has cut us to ribbons often. I thought Cox did well. Iirc he only lost two contests to him


Usually I’d say how he uses it is one of his strengths, but he certainly liked handballing to feet on Saturday!

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He might get pushed out of ruck contests too easily, but l would still prefer to see Cox in the ruck before Langers or Stringer. Both of them have been used in the ruck in the F50, and are being completely outclassed. Not only are they not able to impact ruck contests, it takes them away from their primary focus, being forwards, kicking goals and winning matches.

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So why do his arms look like Jarrod Grant’s did in his debut season.
Never seen a weaker upper body physique in a 4th year player… He bounced of Tim Membrey in a marking contest like a little girl in the first quarter…

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I just don’t see it. I’m not even sure what position he is suited to.

He’s tall and can run, but he’s not a great mark and he’s not that quick.

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No need to insult a little girl. If Cox can build some upper body strength, I can see him making it as a defender, another positive is his running endurance. On the negatives I think his kicking is bang on average and he is not exactly quick either. We potentially have a player. Would have liked more from a top10 pick at this stage.

Cast your mind back to 2020. During the season prior we were playing undersized. Our best tall, Cale Hooker, only played 8 games due to injury. Michael Hurley when playing was playing injured. McKernan, was playing as an undersized ruck (giving a away a million free kicks in the process) given Tom Bellchambers was likewise injured most of the season. And it was clear to everyone that they were all close to retirement. Drafting tall players was on top of our shopping list at the time.

You can say you would expect more from a Top 10 pick, but which other tall would you have taken at pick 8 in the 2020 draft? Cox and Reid were the best two available.

Even Grainer-Barras that went before Cox in that draft., and I’d take Cox any day of the week.


People just develop differently.

I couldn’t put weight on up until about 25 - was maxing out at 78kg. Then suddenly switched from exo to endomorph and went from 78 to 100 in 10 years.

Now I wish I had my old metabolism.

Dusty Fletcher never flicked the switch.

Sure membrey got him in one contest where he was able to get underneath his ribs, but the long arms of the law were prevalent for the rest of the day.


I agree. I’m still not convinced at all that he’ll make it long term.
I think defence is his best hope, but who knows

If he keeps his head in the game, he will definitely make it.
Will only get better, and not because he is coming from a low base.


Yea, hindsight is a great thing, so its easy for me to comment. But not sure why we necessarily needed to hit that draft for talls, we were aware of our situation for years. We even had time to start planning for the loss of Joe. Instead why didnt we spread the selection of talls over several drafts. Sometimes you take what you are given. We had the option of selecting players like Ollie Henry even Holmes who has been outstanding. So I would have been happy with Reid, Perkins and Henry. Most people probably don’t rate Henry. Anyway, I don’t think expecting more from Cox in year 4 as he was a high selection is out of the ordinary. His form and confidence is improving and I still hold some hope he turns out to be a key player in our next tilt.

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Been covering for Ridley doing an ok job atm


We did draft other talls across drafts. Players like Jones and Bryant in 2019. Or failed players like Gown and Eyre.

Cox over the last two years has only played 5 and 6 games respectively due to injury, compared to Henry’s 15 and 22 games. So I’d expect Henry to be further ahead than he actually is (if he is; it’s hard to compare between different positions. Cox gets more possessions and Henry kicks more goals). Probably a more apt comparison would be Henry vs Jones, and I’d agree that Henry has the wood over Jones.

I didn’t think Max Holmes was a key position - more medium. Looking it up, he is the same height as Dangerfield, Oliver and Heppell.

My point about Holmes is if you selected him with a top 10 pick you would be thrilled. Not that he is a tall. Essendon also had the opportunity to have another draft strategy but this was exactly what Dodoro wanted. It’s mentioned in several Essendon draft videos…Anyway let’s hope Cox comes on.

At this point in time all those selections have been fine. Will all be 150+ games players and more if they remain injury free.

Recruiting got served a ■■■■ sandwich with Daniher and Saad leaving in a covid year. Was a harder year to draft but I think we will come out of it fine now that we’ve all seen their talent and glimpses at senior level.


We took Gown, Jones and Bryan in the two previous drafts. You seem to forget we also didn’t have first round selections in 2017-2019.

Everyone knew Henry wanted to go to the cats; I’m glad we passed.

Holmes is a complete hindsight call; outside of Geelong I don’t think anyone had him top 10.


Also worth noting Dawks also took the following to get Buddy & Roughy:
Tim Boyle (2002, pick 51)
Beau Dowler (2005, pick 6)
Mitch Thorp (2006, pick 6)

Ninethmond had a lot of misses around getting Riewoldt as well:
Cleve Hughes (2005, pick 4)
Traded in Graham Polak
Ty Vickery (2008, pick 8)
Jayden Post (2008, pick 26)
Ben Griffiths (2009, pick 19)

Basically drafting comes down to a numbers game. Pretty rare that with 3 first round picks you’ll pull a Hawthorn 2004 and get 3x250+ game players.


It’s why Geelong getting Scarlet, Nablett, Hawkins and Blake via F/S was such a leg up.