#13 Nik Cox

Great summary of how I see it too. When you think he was drafted with Perkins who is only really coming on this year, he’s tracking well considering his size and injury history. Finer’s crossed he stays on this trajectory. He’ll be a nightmare to match up on in the future.

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I thought he was pretty good vs the GWS. Some of his disposals were migraine inducing but his pressure was very good; he was involved with the play all game and helped on defence when it was his turn to go. Right now I wouldn’t be dropping him.

I’m concerned about his disposal. I’ve seen him turn over the ball at critical points several times. The biggest concern is that the turnovers haven’t even been him going for a tough pass, they have been 20m passes to someone standing by themselves.

I was critical of his for being soft, but pleasingly that has improved and he does go in harder now. but his disposal is a real concern.

People (including himself) compare him to Blicavs, and that’s the type of player and role he should aim for.

But Mark was drafted at 22, which is Nics age now. So considering that I’d say Cox is likely ahead in terms of development at the respective point.

He’s figured out how to bring that physicality, how to stay involved and not drift in and out so bad, and I feel his decision making has sped up.
There’s definitely a player there

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Let him (and others) get to that 24-26 range (provided they keep progressing) and it’s becoming increasingly likely some of these guys will develop into absolute weapons.

The environment at the club is changing for the better.


100%. He definitely needs to fix this up; both his handballs and kicking are inconsistent and costly at times. He fixes this up and becomes elite (which I reckon he could) then he have a player.

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Rath is there, he will get around to Cox no doubt

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Effectively a new recruit this year.

I think they’ve gone back to ground zero with Cox and have prioritised defence as the most fundamental building block for his future success. Also think he is most capable of influencing results by bringing accountability every week.

I don’t have any long term concerns around his ball use. I just think that, with their development strategy, some aspects of his game aren’t receiving as much attention.

Give him a season or two of good defensive returns, and then start to sharpen up the skills.

Of course, this is all speculation, but if this is his directive - output would suggest that it is - then I think he needs to be applauded for his willingness to put away the flair and be a team first player so early in his development


In short, you’d be crazy to drop him when the signs have been so positive.

Shocked and not shocked that the suggestion of his omission has arisen

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He’d play horribly in our VFL I reckon.

The structure of our AFL team and cleaner playing surfaces are gonna suit his skillset.

I suspect the same is probably gonna end up true about Caddy.


Any explanation of his omission?

Hes sick