#13 Nik Cox

I think next time Langford is being blanketed he and Cox could switch if Cox is on the wing - he is doing ok this year - just getting continuity of games is the big plus. He is showing more passion and confidence since the start of the year, hopefully next year can be a real breakout year for him.


A very accurate post in all respects. Back in the day half of the 84/85 team would have been torched on here for not being stars after a year or two

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Who on here gives them a year or two?

I think you meant a game or two


Those 3 goals against GC will have given him a big boost to his confidence. I even thought I saw a smile sneak out the side of his normally stern mouth and furrowed brow. Showed v decent goalscoring instincts.

He’s starting to become the player we were hoping for. A true utility. Can play anywhere across the backline, wing, pinch hit ruck and finally… took his chance up front on the weekend. Another good game for this young Bomber gun.

Start him on a wing (or HBF given Redders is out) against FC and use him as our “go to” man if needed elsewhere during the game. He’s an awkward one for any oppo to deal with and has a decent tank to carry out a tactical move for Brad in tight last quarters. Doesn’t mind mixing it with the gorillas either I’ve noticed.

Go Nik Cox…


He’s going alright, as he has been all year. Thing I’d like to see from Nik post-bye is to get his hands on the ball more. Turn those 12-13 possession games into 15-17 touches and grow from there.


He’s alright. Not great. Not poor

Could he be a forward? That grab he took was better than anything jones or wright took yesterday!


He has been decent in my opinion. Much better than the past couple of years.


That was a ripper mark. From where I was sitting I could see his name written all over it. He backed himself and took it. More of that please.

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ive seen enough rest of the season as a forward and re-evaluate, get a real wing into the side (Saad/roberts)

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It’s very different coming in as an extra versus having Weitering or McGovern on you. But he should definitely be encouraged to float forward and present as an option.

I think he’s been ok so far from a pure performance perspective, very good with a developmental lens on. As in, considering his missed football and that his frame is still several years from his optimal body. He’s not provided as many possessions but his pressure has been fantastic.

Very promising.