#13 Nik Cox

McGrath: back pocket
Jones: wing
Hobbs: forward pocket
Cox: ???

Just pick quality.

Edit: wrong thread, I know, but tell Hobbs at the start of next year that his job is to run all day, mow jerks down, rove packs and be a hungry little goal freak and see if he lets you down.

Relief ruck was always an obvious option…

I didn’t think ruck-rover meant relieving ruck!

Edit: oooooh, but I loooove the thought of throwing him in the midfield clearances…

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Low expectations for a pick # 8 in the draft, are you sure about that?

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Let’s not bring up previous posts, CJ.

Happens automatically whenever you quote.

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I meant (as much as I can remember 3 years ago) the old school ruck rover who took ruck contests when the big old lumbering guy needed a rest/couldn’t get to the contest.

Who knows

As long as he keeps getting better he could end up a real weapon in so many roles


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He’s way better now than he was in those first 10 or so games. He was way overrated in that period

He had one game where he put blakey to the sword on the wing. Thats when I took notice.
Tigers game was good to, got rising star nomination.

His first year is probably as good as this year stats wise, because he had 2 games as sub unused in 2021

Highlights | Cox’s star on the rise (youtube.com)

Still a few career highs from 2021.


Agreed, I think he is much more consistent and impactful where needed. He was very flashy early on but not sure if he really impacted in games at all

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I couldn’t do that to you BOSS.

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Internally, yeah. And among sensible supporters too.

Sensible supporters?
Is there or has there ever been such a thing?


Come to think of it…

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I love that he can play wing as it allows him to either be the 7th Def or push fwd and take a grab. Also allows him to be an extra around the stoppage if they like. Off the bench or sub he can be part time ruck relief. His running ability and height provide that little extra.
The fact Jones is having a crack at wing is just the coaching staff trying some different things whilst not detracting from the overall team balance and game plan. If anything it’s enhanced it. Might mean Cox plays a slightly different role and allows Caddy to play forward. Mmmm Jones, Caddy and Cox. A great trifecta right there.

Sorry bambi does nothing for me, doesn’t impact in any fashion at all


Nothing is working for Cox tonight.

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Should’ve been dropped for Hobbs. He’s a spare part in this team, especially in wet conditions.