#13 Orazio "Call me injured" Fantasia

Mate of mine who is an Adelaide supporter told me 5aa had come out said Raz to Adelaide is building … Did anyone here what was actually said ?

Pretty confident that it’s rubbish.

Classic stitch up

They might have asked about him. Doesn’t mean it’s true. Sounds more like wishful thinking on their part.

He’s contracted. He’d have to demand a trade with homesick tears in his eyes. We’d ask a massive price…and they gave up 2 first rounders for Gibbs and got 2 for Lever who’s a defender, not a goalkicker.

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Give Raz whatever he wants and keep him happy.

Essendon without Fantasia is the difference between being a top 4 side or a top 8 side.

He is irreplaceable.


Goes to Adelaide his games will be on fox.

Stays with us he’s on 7. Gets all the free PR from BT.


Apparently he’ll be at Adelaide Oval on August 24th. Kicking seven for the Dons against Port, sending them tumbling out of finals and us into their spot.


Don’t see Fanta leaving

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l see where the problem arises. Your mate is a wind up merchant.

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Adelaide Supporter is Sth Australian for dickhed isn’t it?


I would have serious concerns for my mental health if he left.

I’m already having to prepare for when he retires.


When he what now?

Magpie supporting mate: “I want to punch Fantasia in the head…”
Me: “Yeah, but you wish you had him”
Magpie supporting mate: “Yeah”


From Raz’s own mouth to me. “Melbourne is my home now.” “I love it at Essendon.” “We are a tight group.”


everytime i see 25 new posts to the Raz threard i think it’s about a groin niggle that might keep him out anywhere between 1 and 5 games.


Pretty hard to contain my inner Donnington right now.


Yeah baby.

I believe that he is participating as a learning exercise in the cap works development of the hanger. If true, it would seem to confirm a level of personal investment and even perhaps a view to his future beyond football. No doubt EFC would have some heavy hitter contacts in the develoment and construction industry. …

was this before or after walla shirt fronted you into next week?

Why would he do that?
Except maybe to get my can of Beam …