#13 Orazio "Call me injured" Fantasia

I’m just rapt that we have so many players I consider exceptional.

Poignant to refresh our learning before belting out his name at the Game, TVs and streams around the globe tomorrow.

Myself I am going to have the inflection on the ‘ see ya’ as in ciao mate I am out of here when he burns them off.

Go OF!

It was weird that BT knew of this last year and didn’t go off on it: Orrrazzzzzzio Fanta-seeeeeya.

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Raz seemed to have a pretty hard tag yesterday. Anybody else notice? Every time he attacked the ball he’d be bumped straight off it. I wonder if this is something he’ll cop more of this year. Hopefully he gets used to it quickly.

Well he certainly isn’t going to get any help from his teammates

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Doesn’t look right to me


It’s called having accountability… something our defenders do not have.

GWS just did the basics and manned their forwards opponents with intent

He wasn’t right yesterday. That’s why he didn’t spend any time in the midfield.
The set shot he missed was super costly.

the accountability was on your Midfield, defenders cant do much against a team just running the ball in at will.

He actually did midfield for a stoppage or two, but they ran right over / past him there as well.
Agree- not right.
Worst game I’ve ever seen him play.

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He is one of our stars that doesn’t seem to be match fit or is just ‘off’

The whole team is NQR atm though

Defenders were literally giving their opponents 5 meters head start to lead up at the ball all day long

0-4 today. Not good enough.

Never seem hie and tippa fumble the ball so much. Not picking up the ground balls cleanly ,dropping easy marks. Missing easy shots on goal


I really believe that goal he missed in the opening seconds of the last quarter was the most costly of our many mistakes.

He kicks that, I think we win the game.


Can’t imagine the damage they have done over the preseason. This guy was one of the cleanest most poised footballers on any list. Steve Johnson called him preseason the best small forward in the league.

Now he is a fumbly panic merchant who can’t find the footy. How can you do that in one off season!

Raz, Merrett and Tippa all look no where near right to play


Tippa was just about our best player in the JLT series - Fantasia is wasted as a forward and should spend more time in the midfield.


First time I have ever agreed with anything you have said. Wow!

I would have switched Tippa to defence to give us more run and try to get him a bit if confidence Back
Same with Orazio possibly
“Do something”