#13 Orazio "Call me injured" Fantasia


source or just saying that coz of last 2 weeks


Very true!

Also why I was so ■■■■■■ off that he didn’t play Anzac Day. He plays that and we win.

Need to wrap him in cotton wool it seems.


Just because of last 2 weeks. He better ■■■■■■■ play tonight!


Late change - Essendon. Orazio fantasia (ill) has been replaced by mark baguley in the starting 22 #aflswansbombers

You WILL like it


Don’t do this to me! I’d put him in quarantine 24 hours before a game so no illnesses befall him before first bounce…


I die a little bit inside every time it gets joked about


Bags in for Raz, while not great at least brings in a hard body which is needed for the manic pressure style of game Sydney like to play.

Raz missing 3 straight games is a big concern. We needs his touch of silk and class.


More worrying is the fragility of his body. He is a wonderful player, is quick, slick and magical in the things he can do and how he can bring others into the game. I wonder, if having a lighter frame - the opposition see that as a way to stop him is by using the punching bag method to interfere his flow of the game. Who can be his protector? Ambrose?





Anyone joking about Raz late withdrawals should be permabanned…


The only downside to Fantasia playing tonight, is having to listen to that clown BT, go over the top with his name CONSTANTLY.
I live for the day I can listen to commentators talk the game in a normal voice in a normal tone.
Oh, and I forgot Ling yelling to me all night.
Looks like a bottle of red might be the trick tonight.


OHHHHH BOYYYYY!!! Oraaaaaaaaazio Fantasia little give and go, sells a little foot candy, left to right bender, STRAIGHT THROUGH THE I-DIDDLE-DIDDLE!!!



I can’t believe he’s not doing it. He’s been told Fant-Asia is wrong.


Recently Raz said that Fantaseeeeya is the Italian version and and Fant-asia is the English version. I think he just likes how famous Fant-asia has become though.


And BT gets Orazio wrong too. It should be pronounced Oraat-sio.


BT isn’t doing tonight’s game so everyone can relax


oh noes, how will we know when Orazio gets the ball?


It’s not Fant-Asia either. It’s Fan-tasia.


BT is great. One of the few great characters in the AFL media who can switch between being serious and funny/silly/light-hearted. The majority of the other ‘character commentators’ come across as a bit lame if you ask me. As much as I don’t mind Lingy Richo Kingy B.Johnson Darcy, etc. compared to wankers like Dunstall, they really do seem to force the whole jokes/banter mates thing on screen. BT is just a classic Aussie bloke who loves his footy. Really enjoy his subtle digs at Duck, Richo, Lingy, etc.