#13 Orazio "Call me injured" Fantasia

That’s code for “you’re wrong but it’s OK, you’re too stupid to get it right”.


So after all this time we’re now told it’s fanta see a?


This guy is the best player we have.


Don’t underestimate the clubs ability to convert him!
A few mores years under Woosha and he will turn into Richard Tambling

All my non-EFC supporting mates who think I have an unhealthy infatuation with him and thought he was overrated and the hype doesn’t meet his performance are starting to turn. He will be All-Australian this year provided there are no more injuries or illnesses. He will kick 50+ and IMO will run the Crichton very close…

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I love the man and he was great last night but I’m going to raise a negative.

He often, like very often, goes completely missing in last quarters.

Background: im in a DT draft league and I have had Fantasia for the last four years. Because I’m always watching Essendon games I obviously follow his scores during the match in real time.

The amount of times (like last night) where he is on track for a great score at 3QT and then only gets a possession or two in the last quarter is absolutely staggering. It happens frequently and has been this way for years. There will be stats to back all this up of course.

I‘m not bagging him, because I love him, and he’s a great player, but if he could learn to be an influential player in last quarters then he would be a complete player and we would be a much better side - particularly in close games where he could be the difference.


I’ve noticed it too. But i think the opposition put the clamps on him when he starts to get away on them. He needs to work through that.

Definitely. I’m not really sure it would come as that much of a shock to a lot of supporters. But I reckon a lot of that has to do with his fitness level. A lot of injuries and interruptions would be affecting his ability to run out games.


Is it because he’s regularly coming back from injury… doesn’t have the conditioning to run it out?

I reckon in Raz, Tip, Smith and even Bags, we’ve got a pretty handy small ball brigade… a couple of low trajectory worm burning ‘dirty entries’ from Redman and McKenna would’ve been worth a go last night…even against the Cats last wk.


Doesn’t help when the delivery to him was garbage. Probably should have been released though the middle during that quiet patch just to get around the ball. With his pace he could get away from his man, his kicking skills are elite so he’d hit up targets inside 50 and he could also get goals running back toward the goal. That’s as much a coaching issue as anything…


Yep. Or in the Melbourne game they played him of half back for a while and he was great.

So. On the one hand you have superb TV sports presenters like Lucy Zelic and Les Murray who are religious about ensuring that the ethnic background of players is respected by pronouncing their names correctly.

Aaaaaand - then there’s this guy


boys club alumnus vs ground breaker and poet?

“In Italy, it’s pronounced ‘Fanta-sia’. Guess where we live? Australia. And we call it ‘Fan-tay-sha’,” Taylor said.



“Listen mate. I know you want to be called Fanta-see-a, but this is Australia, so I can call you SlimyWogBoy if I want. Australia maaaaate”


Actually, BT’s been kinda set up to be embarrassed here. Everyone assumed the pronunciation of Fantasia from the start and went with it, and BT took it on as his special call.
Now they finally cotton on to the correct way to say it, and instead of just saying it correctly from now on in games they make a big hoo-hah about how they’ve got it right (pat yourselves on the back, morons) and deliberately left BT out of their “revelation” and wondered about what he’s gonna do. Of course he’s gonna act defensively.

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I bet Simon Prestigiacomo is like “wait, you can correct them on the pronunciation? Damn”


In fairness to BT, Fantasia has said the same thing only a few weeks ago. And he said he doesn’t mind which pronunciation is used.


They don’t pronounce Laverde properly either. In the past there were Montagna and Giansiracusa, etc. It’s not just Italian names either, obviously.

Nobody in the media can say Daniel Ricciardo correctly. It would be interesting to hear an Italian F1 broadcast.