#13 Orazio "Call me injured" Fantasia

A bad quad tear would just about end his season (somewhere in the realm of 10-12 weeks)

What else?

Had 2 of our 6 leadership group sitting on the sidelines for much of the last 2 years.

Can’t be helping.


Who on sen said he was injured? Some random caller or someone from the club being interviewed or the host who got inside info?

Dan Richardson to the reporter

Dan Richardson?

This could be fake news then.

He doesn’t even know the names of half the players.

what might have been for young orazio.

He’s cooked Winderlinch mark 2


Good comparison actually

That’s not good. Watching him and Stringer is always my highlight of games.

Raz injured? FFS it just gets worse…

■■■, why???

This is the same as the Joe Daniher OP announcement after Round 8 Carlton loss last year.

So many parallels. Hopefully it’s only a week or 2 and not his season.

We are literally stuck on the hamster wheel of being mediocre

No they didn’t.

Said he will miss this week and next week. But they (SEN) don’t really know how long he will miss.

I’m not surprised. I was scolded by a couple of people here when I said that I don’t think we’ll see Daniher and Fantasia play much together this season. I was hoping that I would be wrong. Think they’ve chosen the wrong strength conditioning program for this guy - one size does not fit all. With these recurrent injuries, it means scar tissue which means more likelihood of injury in future.

What parallels mate?

How vital he and Joe are.

We just lost to the 18th placed side (Carlton and Sydney) and just when you thought this season can get any worse you hear the injury news on Monday morning


He played out the game, it tightened up when he cooled down, club hasn’t had it scanned/assessed yet, could be a corky/strain/tear no one knows yet. I doubt it’s a tear if he played on with it.

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This is what happens once you start calling him by his preferred pronounciation

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Ive said for a good year or so he’s like licha

He’ll never have a good run at it. Its sad

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Anyone that tries to spin this is a moron. From recruiting to fitness to coaching to player development this club continues to be an absolute basketcase.

Smythy will be 50 before this club actually makes considered and tough changes.

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