#13 Orazio "Call me injured" Fantasia

No doubting he is one of our most important players but if we want to be a good team we still need to beat other sides when we have a few injuries


Miss 3 games and play June 14 v Hawks.

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We are COOKED!

We can only really hope to get 5 or so games out of him each season. Shame really, such a great forward.

That’s it.

I’m out. I’m done.

I can’t do this without Orazio.


Exactly. Look at Richmond, They lose Rance and Riewoldt (and pretty sure they are missing a few mids too, I don’t follow them closely enough to be 100% though), and they still churn out the wins.

It’s all about the system and replacing roles rather than players.

Trade him while he still has currency.

This is going to be an ongoing saga got his whole career.

Cash in.


Yeah but we have no system. Woosha is coaching in the year 2005 where it’s more about talent than structures and systems

Say that to my face, tough guy.


Pretty much. He’s the new Jason Winderlich


100% agree with you. We have no system. Well, if we do it isn’t visible to any of the supporters, and nor is it working.

Raz has dedicated himself so much to the rehab program he may as well ■■■■■■■ marry it.


Raz wishes his body was as reliable as Winderlich’s.


Well that would be him missing 3 games. So that’s not worse than what they’ve reported.

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Agree, look at the tigers for example, we need to be able to push through adversity like they have. And like we did when JD went down.

The season can always get worse and it will. Everything that’s happened so far this season from injuries to losses is totally predictable. When you lack skills players are forced to try harder to win. This causes injuries. Did Hawthorn get many injuries during their 3peat? No, because they were the most skilled side in the competition by far and didn’t need to play like Richmond and Bulldogs to fluke a GF win.

I agree… As a person with an Italian name… I do understand how it feels when your name is repeatedly mispronounced by people who have been corrected a number of times.
However, in Caracella’s case I know he prefers Cara-sella… I asked him about it once and he said his background was more Irish than Italian and that is the way his family pronounces it. So you can’t always presume.

Honestly, stick a fork in me too. Send me out with him.

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Cant believe he is injured again FFS

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Is he not doing his preparation (stretching, whatevers etc) as carefully has he should? Some players are meticulous with this. Or is it just how he is?

When he’s going at full pace or kicking hard I do wince in fear he’s going to pull up hurt. Daniher is the same now.