#13 Orazio "Call me injured" Fantasia

Stringer and Tippa go pretty well. But yeah that’s it

We’ve been ok for soft tissue injuries in the last couple of years, but this year the amount is way too high.

He’s done.

So, what do Hawthorn’s Medical department and Physio’s have that we don’t???

Disappointing. I feel like I should be blaming the Club’s football mediocrity or perhaps Dan Richardson…but no, it’s clear this is because of the maggots, when will Essendon stand up to them for injuring our players calves FFS.

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A cutting edge supplements program?




You shouldn’t be. Unfortunately if this becomes the norm then we need to move him on.

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Unfortunately it has been like this for a few years Darli. I believe I am correct in saying this? I cannot recall whether he has played a full interrupted season ever?

Id reckon its time to start asking questions of the medical staff. Our injuries have been unreal this year. Lots of soft tissue stuff

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So we add medical staff to the underachievers in Board, Management, Coaching Panel and players. Not much left at Essendoom!

What’s left is US.

Yep - that’s it :frowning:

He’s 23, and has put on 15kg since 2014 (or, in % terms, about 23% of his drafted body weight!).

I mean, the repeat injuries aren’t great, but I’d hardly call him cooked just yet. He’s had to put on a stack of mass since being drafted, sometimes takes a little while for it to all settle down.


Saad’s coping.


Raz was a gun in the SANFL but was overlooked by just about every club in the draft because he didn’t have the body for the rigours of the AFL. He’s a gun, but you have to accept the injuries for now whilst he is still building up.

A similar story to Smith… gun, but considered too small to play on ball much… somewhat hidden in a fwd pocket by GWS… you can’t play the way he did last year, at his size, and expect longevity. Ditto Heppell - tall but slight.

Myers, Hooker, Hurley, Belly… all getting on but with no replacements coming through because of a coaching panel, deluded into thinking we’re in the window. Four years of first round draft picks gone to get the S’s in, so opportunities to replenish with quality are going to be tough.

For this reason I’d be pointing the finger just as much at our recruiting department for the injury situation as anyone else.

Guys like Raz, Tippa, Gleeson, Smith fall to us in the draft because of their known physical limitations… there can’t be too much buyer’s remorse… just have to take the good (skills) with the not-so-good (injury prone) when it comes to them.

Walla and Gleeson aren’t injury prone.

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Thanks for your pedantry - think you might be missing the point -they all have bodies that make it tough to stay injury-free, and the fitness guys have it tough keeping them on the park. Granted, Tippa is doing a pretty good job… the others are struggling, Gleeson included.

We’re in a window alright, the bottom window of a wheat silo.


Care to educate me as to how Walla’s body makes it tough for him to stay on the park? And Gleeson for that matter?

Saying something is wrong isn’t pedantry.