#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Take a closer look at the pic…(Sorry, but I didn’t want to spoil the gag)


Of course you try to get him right for week one of the finals. So what if you fail. He has 6 months to recover.


Sorry I must be thick, looked at hte picture and didn’t get whatever it, is, can you enlighten me?


'Tis but a flesh wound


And risk chronic scarring? No way!


I’m hopping a re-read my shed some light for you


The clue is in the word; “hopping”. (@bltn is probably chuckling to himself quietly in the background…)


Because of the bye he’ll have 35 days before or first final.

If it isn’t his tendon maybe some prospect of week 2 or 3


Ah, he has a shoe on his p.enis


You’re all stork raving mad.


Let’s call it stumps before this turns into a pun thread


Should be a pole.


It looks like he only has one leg


Pray for Orazio.


No, Stanton to replace the run of Merrett, maybe. I hope not but that’s what could happen.


Obviously no one is Fantasia, but definitely the most like for like, and I think that’s massively important for our structure.

And seemed to have good vibes with Joe last year.

And if Fantasia doesn’t get back by finals… Well Long + Tippa + September…


What should happen: Jake Long last roll of the dice at a career or Begley taste for 2018.



That theory has a leg to stand on.


“Look Brent is an experienced role player and we’re confident he can…”


It’s happening.


Assuming Merret gets only a fine, then I’d say Laverde to come back in.