#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


The article is annoyingly self contradictory: it says he’ll miss 5-6 weeks and be ready for week 1-2 of the finals.

Presumably they meant to say he’ll be back in 5-6 weeks.


Back for v Richmond in the Semi



Back for the semi final, he’ll be cherry ripe for the GF


We owe those hacks


I’m hoping Fanta’s medical report was prepared by the Fark Carlton Dr and he really will be ready to play on Saturday.


Well if its prepared by the EFC medical team he should be ready by round 1 2019 :grinning:


You know how a certain player got injured late in 93 (may even have been a hammy), but got back for the second week of finals…


What a shame Jackson Merrett got injured when he did. I reckon he could have come in for Fanta.


May be needs to go to Germany for some …special…treatment. there is a precedent for this.


We have to win the flag though don’t we? Otherwise it’s just cheating.


Orazio Fantasia will miss the remainder of the Bombers home and away season and potentially the start of the Club’s finals campaign.

Sounds arrogant confident.


Yep, was a hammy.
We had a bye in the last round that year too.


Yeah, but he played in the seconds in the last match to get some fitness and did the hammy there.

Had got concussed at Geelong. Hammy troubles from halfway through the year.


Guess Raz is planning the offseason trip then eh.



Just got this from my niece in Europe


One boscaiola please


I’ll have the Fantasia, thanks. :yum:


Would be hilarious if it was a pulled pork pizza