#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


I might be thinking of ten years ago.
But who knows, the game will probably change again during his career.




Definitely should be used in the same mould as Robbie Gray.

Has exceptional skills all over the ground. Give him midfield minutes, but he’ll still kick 40 for us every year.


I don’t know why but he reminds me a lot of a young Tim Cahill.

-Loves to talk the talk, Then backs it up.
-In the games he’s gone quiet he often steps up when we need him most.
-Scores goals Out of nowhere.
-He wants the responsibility to kick the important goals.


I’m almost 100% with you there.

The only place I deviate from blitz consensus is Fantasia playing big midfield minutes.

I think 80/20 forward is about right. He has a unique gift in the fwd 50. No matter the talent of Zerrett, parish, McGrath etc none of them has his raw inside 50 talent. In my opinion you don’t move those players outside the 50 lightly.

You could say the same about stringer as well. I wouldn’t move him lightly. We are actually just Damn desperate for bigger bodies…


Based on how he didn’t play midfield in 18s? Or how he played half forward with us in his first year?


Based on his ground ball skills and poise at training.
I don’t know how anyone could have taken a single look at him and thought, ‘small forward.’
No offence.


Agree Wimm,

if Zerrett was 2 inches taller no commentator in the industry would have referred to him as a small forward. Alas, stereotyping occurs.

When he came in the team I can’t recall any actual match he even played small fwd. Half forward flank playing high at best.


Maybe me and HM are the only two then; and tbe very quick, clean skilled guy dropped to pick 26 because of… completely other reasons, which weren’t publicised, and have since been proven unfounded.


He played half forward for a few games in his first year, as he had with Sandy (because they had a superstar lineup that year). Once he had a pre-season into him he was a whole other story.


Noticed that Raz was the only one missing today at training, any news?


Heard he was out amongst the crowd, … Dazzling.


Zerrett’s initial claim to fame was 100% goal accuracy (11.0 in his first H&A season, then 0.2 in the final vs North…)

You can see how commentators and hence others might parrot the line of him being a Dead Eye Reynolds, and all that.


And his first miss was an oobotf


I think also afl wasn’t even a really strong focus in his TAC cup year from.memory. I believe he was a top cricketer and as such a late bloomer.

I also recall that Ryan O’Connor contacted Essendon and stated that when Zerrett actually played TAC cup his performance and ability were commensurate with Josh Kelly who was accurately adorned a wonder kid.


Changing mid/forward with Smith imo.


Hopefully with guys like Smith and Stringer added, who can spend time forward, plus the public statements about guys like Zaka and Zerrett spending more time forward, this means Fanta will spend a bit more time in midfield.

We’re going to have so much flexibility


Thought this guy was super impressive in the intra-club.

Going to take his game to another level this year.


Best thing about raz is thus far, every year he looks like he’s just going to get better. Can’t see him plateauing for a while.


Yes, the outside run he provides is dynamic. Smart move by the coaches to give this guy another area to work on / develop. Finally (!) midfield depth. What Worsfold wants, Worsfold gets. Year 1 game plan, 2 improved forward zone and now midfield depth. Momentum is genuinely building around the club. Not just lip service, our club is going places!