#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


I think he made his first mistake as a part of the leadership group on radio yesterday. Revealing that Francis is on leave before the club had issued a statement! All part of the learning process for him.


Maybe he’d been given approval for that



The media department can get a few wrong but overall I think they have stepped up their game the last 12 months.

The BT in the background is straight out the Blitz playbook.



Good get.
So who at the club is using BT’s visage as a screen saver?


He reads Bomberblitz!

Hi Raz - hope you have a great year!


Who’s profile picture on bomberblitz!


May have a slight quad niggle.


Where’s this reported





I’m blaming you for this, that may sound unreasonable but in time you’ll accept it.


RIP Raz.

You were loved.


RIP Essendon Season 2018.


slight quad at essington = 12 weeks


Season over


May, or does?

These sorts of things ruin my day. Not raz ffs


It’s not reported


If he has one I hope he sits out the entire JLT. None of this laverde ■■■■


Well it begs the question, how are you aware of this