#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


I for one welcome our new Carley Bomber Overlord


Not only that, what Essendon board is she referring to?!


She’s probably reading Bigfooty


Awaiting confirmation from up Cooney fark Port


farkportupCooney’s sister?


Goddard to Freo?


Carley Bomber, the name oozes reliability.


Sounds legit to me.




100% she has gotten that out of true to the red sash Facebook group. Theres some absolute nuffies in that group


As opposed to around here…


I resemble that remark


AFL tonight said he’s more unlikely than likely to play but all depends on his training Sunday.

They said Merrett is his most likely replacement or McNeice!


Why couldn’t the club say he has a groin niggle and he’s in doubt for Wensday why the secercy? don’t make us fans wait and then tell us he’s not playing if he’s injured then say he is.


because he’s not injured. Who are you going to trust, Mark Stevens or Carley Bomber?


AFL Tonight said he’s more unlikely than likely to play said one of Merret or McNice will come in but I hope you are right


All based on Sunday’s training session. Hopefully we’ll have lots of training reports so we’ll know before the team is announced.


So scans were clear? Just soreness?


I reckon we’ll have a good idea tomorrow when the VFL team runs out


No I’m just joking from above. Sounds like he may miss unfortunately. Will have to wait and see