#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia



also no footy make barnz, something something…


I heard from a good sauce that after the game yesterday that Francis is also ginger.




Fantasia was solo running on the back oval today at training. Sprints and laps, looked ok. If he was no good I don’t reckon they would have him running like he was. I suggest they’ll name him and give him a fitness test on Tuesday.


My kids and I had a quick chat with him. He felt like he was moving pretty freely when doing his 200 & 400 metre runs this morning. Though I did overhear him saying that he’s more unlikely than likely to get up for Wednesday game. More likely Sunday against the Demons.


A ginger, or ginger?



Damn it.


Oh, just really wanted Raz to play on Wednesday, but it sounds like he’s unlikely.


He wouldn’t be running if he was a major doubt he would be taking every possible moment to rest and rehab.

I’m putting mark Stevens house on it.



Although, I’m coming around on it. I’d hate for him to play Anzac Day injured, have little effect on the game, and give that ■■■■ truck Maynard the impression he is anything other than Orazio’s b*itch.


If there is any doubt, he shouldn’t play.

He’s a high performance machine this kid. You don’t want to be taking any risks that you don’t have to.


The former


He plays, we lose. He doesn’t play, we lose by more!




Movement can be just as important a part of rehab as rest


Have heard from a very good sauce raz will play Anzac Day


A sauce in a random pub on the Princes Highway somewhere?


Finally… we find out the real reason you were visiting SA, rather than merely flying over it!


How drunk are you?