#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Love when @Aceman shares his intel. thanks @westozziebomber






Him mum. But his rude nut (s) and beard (before he shaved) were dead give aways tbh.

And for the record, the only information I ever have, is that I never have information. I’m like a vacuum, black hole, a void in the time/space continuum for efc related news.


Worsfold just said on Whateley’s radio show that Fantasia is unlikely to play.


he’s been doing rehab running all week… of course he’s unlikely. not worth the risk anyway, better off trying to get him up for Sunday then shredding an already sore groin and missing 4-5 weeks. far too important!


Dukes/Western Highway.


He wont play Sunday either. On wednesday he looked like he was about to go to the glue factory. I’d say he will be ready for the following game.


Yeah I mentioned in the other thread he was doing light training on sunday.

Short, straight drills without looking like going full pace & jogging around the outside of the oval (maybe as someone mentioned earlier doing 200M & 400M sections). He wasn’t doing anything agility wise or really changing direction, which is where something like his rumored injury will really be tested, and potential for a lot more damage in game day conditions.

Might just be a bit sore & close, but you’d hope they take it easy with him, far too important. They need to rotate players anyway, might as well be a chance to bring in his class the following game. Rather than pushing him & watching him out till almost the bye.


This place will melt down if Jackson Merrett replaces him and subsequently goes on to win the ANZAC medal.

If Mark McGough and Paul Seedsman can win one, Jackson must stand a chance.


We don’t need to rotate… we need to pick our best available side and beat Collingwood and then deal with whatever we’ve got after that.


Too ■■■■■■ right we will. The ANZAC medal has already been awarded to James Stewart.

Jerrett can be 2nd BOG.


Whispers are he’s out for 3-4 weeks.


Chinese whispers are he’s out for 7-8 weeks.




Purple monkey dishwasher


Im desperately hoping Worsfold is following the Sheedy playbook where ‘unlikely to play’ meant ‘definitely playing’… very unlikely i know… :frowning:


Ok then i’ll play along.

I’m hearing it’s season ending & they brought out the green curtain for him. RIP in peace Razzle Dazzle.


If he misses the next 4 weeks our season will be just about over.


That’s my fault. I don’t speak very clearly so my whispers got confused.