#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Agreed I think perhaps that one needs to revert.


Absolutely. My favourite also.


Seedsman has been in excellent form for Adelaide.


It’s ok, he’ll be back for our yearly finals belting.


finnish yer pun and fark off


what country is that?


petition to ban pre…


play the game, dammit.




One of my mates saw Raz today and he said he was playing Wednesday. Make of it what you will. Don’t see why he’d lie to an essendon supporter.


I think Fanta is trolling people.


Was your mate carrying his Essendon Supporter™ identity card?


Are you serious or is that a joking post?

I suppose we’ll find out very shortly.

  • Rumors circulate that Fantasia is carrying an injury.
  • It’s reported he is unlikely to play in several media sources.
  • Worsfold interviewed on radio and essentially confirms he won’t play.

Random in-the-know poster comes on and gives ‘the good oil’ - really going out on a limb with their classified inside information - just outstanding stuff.


Serious post mate


There have been conflicting reports all over the place.


So was the surgery a success?


Hopefully when they cross to Irish & Raz sitting in the stands in their suits, we’re comfortably up. Not when Sidebottom kicks his fifth early in the fourth & the sealer in a dog of a day.




It’s also entirely possible that the club don’t know if he’ll play yet