#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Sheedy and his marketing.


Will be right for our charge through the finals


holy heck this is all time.


Yeah, I have no recollection of writing that


Did Stevo guess correctly or was he trawling Blitz? :crazy_face:

Did I see on 360 last night that we listed a calf injury as the reason for him missing? Either way, he’s a big out but should still have enough to win the game. Opportunity for JMerrett to prove he can play a role, needs to apply manic pressure at ground level. I believe Raz might be a chance for Sunday but if there’s ANY doubt will be held back for Hawks the following week.


So Carley Bomber was wrong?

Well now I don’t know what to think!


I can’t believe BT hasn’t caught onto the Fanta-seeeee-a thing yet.


BT looked shatterd when he found out Orazio wasn’t playing on Talking Footy last night lols


the flog whately corrected it and said it was a groin and not calf


So they called him a calf, that’s insulting.


It might well be, I haven’t actually been told what it is, was only told that he was sore after the Port game and likely be sent for precautionary scans. I think him missing games if he’s not right is the best thing, he’s far too valuable a commodity to risk longer term damage to.


Funnily enough, I think Raz is probably the player on our list that least resembles a commodity!


Agree. Hope the club gives him as long as he needs to recover, and try not to rush him back.


He’s got till the weekend. No more.


The new LAV


Which weekend was that?


Spoke to Raz today and asked him if he is playing this week. Said that he will see if he gets through training this week. Not much of an update, but it is what it is…


If Raz doesn’t come up I would like to see McKenna in the Fanta roll.


Not that convincing that he’ll be right. If he’s not 100% then we have to wait until he is.


if he doesn’t come up (looking likely):