#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


No way. We desperately need McKenna’s run and kicking in the back half.


It’s no surprise we are doing badly this year.

It might be attitude, or coaching, or culture, whatever. It also might be that our three most influential players of last year (Joe, Fanta and Zerrett) have barely fired a shot.


More than just those three. Green has been injured, Gleeson is missing, Jobe is gone, Kelly is gone (people forget his impact), Hooker changing roles, change in game style form the previous year, etc.


If Long cant break into this team atm… he will surely be delisted at years end. Hell, I could almost get a game in this team the way we are going lol


He’s become pretty injury prone since late last year. I hope he gets a good run at it soon


wonder if the club rushing him back because hes so important has anything to do with it…


Yeah agree with that.

Gleeson is a massive out, his intercept marking was how a lot of our attacks started last year.

I maintain we are a way worse side with Hooker back than with him forward but I think I’m in the minority on that.


Dont bring him in until he is tip top ready. Too good a player to break.



I’ve only been truly gutted once this year, and that was the Bulldogs loss, because Orazio played.

If we lose, and Orazio doesn’t play… Does it even matter? Is it even a proper game of footy without him?


This injury report certainly doesn’t give me hope that he’ll play this week


There is nothing going on this thread…NOTHING

I’m going to the G this Sat arvo with bltn Jnr and I want to see Owwrraaziooo DAMN IT.

Someone, anyone, give me some news, a training report…anything…


raz has a pulse.*

*may or may not be true.


If he is out of the side as a result of “a knock”, then the above is debatable.


That groin ‘tightness’ now seems more of a strain if he misses v Hawks


I wouldn’t have thought it was a strain by how he was moving out at training before the Melbourne game. Dare say they are just being ultra conservative with him


Hope so.

Just going off by the amount of times the club has lied about player injuries before.


But he could barely move when I saw him trying to run before the Collingwood game. He definitely hurt himself.



Sounds like he wont play that’s ok get him cherry rip for fark Carlton i want him to rip them a newy.