#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Doesn’t sound like Crowey reckons he will get up this week


It would be interesting to see us drop daniher and Stewart and play hooker and stringer as our tall forwards. Unfortunately with our best small forwards out injured or seemingly carrying some issues we probably would not get a real idea of how it works. The other option we could try is 3 mediums (string, lav, Lang) 3 smalls.

Doubt we’ll see this sort of experimentation though unless our hand is forced by injury.


Hang on - shouldn’t he be coming back through the VFL?


Orazio most important player in our structure.

Underrated by our fans and opposition fans still.
This guy is elite in his pressure, how he uses it and around goals.

With him out, we would hardly beat anybody.

My thoughts on this weekends game rest with his selection.


He’s very, very unlikely to play


He’s very, very unlikely to play


Think we being strung along with Raz

Boy do we need him back fit and firing and quick smart but can’t have him aggravating again pushing too hard too soon.


Don’t care if opposition fans underrate him, but I don’t agree that he is underrated by our own fans.




Dan Richardson was on SEN tonight and said it’s unlikely he will get up for this weekend.


Did he say anything else of interest?


yeah, end of year broom is getting dusted off after r12.


FWIW, went through the footage from training on 360 and he was out there in the main session with the rest of the crew…


You can say that again


Gone from being a “chance” v pies to missing the next 3 games possibly more.


essendon in a nutshell




He’s cooked.


Got howled down years ago when I complained about this kind of thing. There is a fine line between trying to maintain a competitive edge and just being plain deceitful. Do Hawks really change anything whether or not he is playing?? I highly doubt it…

I’d like a little more transparency, no point lying to supporters.


Agreed. This sh!ts me more than anything that the club does. Who do they think they are fooling?