#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia

  1. Players aren’t restricted in there goal kicking practice by sports science staff
  2. We have recruited a “skills acquisition coach” (I kid you not)
  3. Apparently we are a young team still learning to play together
  4. He has seen form change quickly, a-la Richmond

He didn’t sound very convincing.


How many goals Orazio kick in the twos?

VFL: Team Selection Rd 5


That has come straight out of the Xav Campbell dictionary of corporate speak.


Very interesting considering it looks like the exact opposite has happened. Our team currently looks like they have all been Space Jam’d.


They made sure not to mention Raz’s return in that short piece…


They have in the AFL article


I thought it sounded like a very recent appointment so probably hasn’t had time to have an impact yet


Can’t wait to see this thread explode if he goes down in the second quarter with “soreness” in the VFL


Will we see him back in the seniors at all this year?


This is certainly not what I was expecting when I was told he was sore a few weeks ago.


The last time he was fit was the 30th of July 2017 verses the WB.
18 disp. 2 goal game, which followed a 4 goal game against North.

Fast approaching 10 months since we have seen him run with freedom.


the team doesn’t feel the same without Raz.
Really miss him


Just stay in the VFL mate!

You are too silky to play for Essendon.


Hang with his good mate kyle.


I like Fanta.

He was giving instructions and encouragement to the players from the dugout throughout the first half and was actually showing a lot of leadership.

He comes across as a bit of a jokester but he’s a real pro.

I see him and a few other players at most VFL games which is more than I can say for some other high profile players.


Fantasia was either ruled unfit or he plays AFL - A baffling decision.


In that case, your position is that any 1-22 player on an AFL list returning from a 4 week groin injury should never play VFL.
I would have thought the fact he only played the second half was quite revealing.


Golf is alluring.


He will make a huge difference to our AFL forward line: pace, pressure, class and arsse.


Groin injury.
4 weeks out.
Half a game in the twos.
Wet and cold and windy.
The Joe fiasco.
You could mount a case for a no show.