#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Your best 5 or 6 players never play VFL if returning from a 2 week injury - Fantasia never missed four weeks.


Your best 5-6 never return to the VFL and only come on for the second half.


People act like VFL is some punishment

In Raz’s case they needed to get some match fitness back into him at lower intensity and being managed. 2nd half when sting gone out of game ideal time.


It’s a sign of respect to Fantasia that they fulfilled his request to play in the VFL side.


Great to have in back on the ground, I’ll be going next week, if only to see him waltz around the G.


That’s good because you’re unlikely to see much else of note…


Watch him go backwards. I guarantee it


will kick 5 straight this week


Yeah I reckon he’s due for a big one in the next 3 weeks. Hopefully more than one.


Last week you could see him trying to do the dynamic things that worked last year, but couldn’t because every bloke was fluffing around on the back flank.


How good is this guy. Maybe a couple of blues tonight, like missing Laverde.

But how good was his handball in the middle of the ground that resulted in the Stewart goal. Heppell went for the risky centering kick to TBell and he dropped it, but Fanta’s brilliant handball set up that goal.


He and McKenna are the two most important players in our team for their speed, ability to win contested ball when needed, skill and energy.


Add Saad, his defence and offence was superb today.


Head on a swivel for LAV in the car park


Noticed he was wearing tracksuit at the end of the game. Not injured again is he?


I think he got pulled at some point in the 4th because he’s coming back from injury and we were comfortably in front.


Gee we missed this bloke.

He’s pure silk.

Is it possible that even we underrate how good this guy is?


NO :slightly_smiling_face:


Just so Fkg important to our team. Brings the intangibles


So have we heard exactly why he didn’t play at all (or minimal game time) in the last quarter? Assume its due to his lack of match fitness and am hoping its nothing more sinister. However given our injury reporting thus far in 2018 I am a little concerned. As others have pointed out he is just so important to our setup.