#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Surprised nobody else has run with it. Usually others journos would be trying to confirm/ deny it.


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

He either doesn’t play & our chances dramatically drop OR he plays with a cloud over his head, does nothing all game and risks reinjuring/making it worse.

Either way not great. Even though the Pies have plenty missing we really needed close to a full strength side all playing well (including Raz) to be a show.


I felt sick seeing this thread near the top.

Seriously football can go and ■■■■ off if this is true. Just as he was starting to look fit.


I’m off to get a physio license this moment!

Wait, was that out loud?


Maybe different physios than those who worked on Joe Dans groin






Can I help?why should you get all the fun


Still no other media have jumped on this. Could be Mclure BS again I think


Did he put his house on it??


We all know what will happen don’t we?

Instead of resting him, he’ll play, tear it properly, have surgery, and need 12 weeks off.


100% this is what will happen


Purple now reporting it on the Sunday Footy Show. Seemed to be very confident but not sure if he’s just getting in on Mclure’s action.


We can’t win this game without him. Obviously if he’s not right don’t play him, but that is how important he is to us and how we play.


Of course we can.


Was just reporting that “There was Talk” , which is code for another reporter might have scooped me so I won’t mention who said it.

Just reporting that McClure had said what he said basically.


6-3 with Raz in the team, 1-4 without. I’d say that a fair sample size to say how important he is to us…


Also coincides with the return of McKenna from suspension and Bellchambers dominance in the ruck feeding an improved midfield which in turn has fed the forward line better.

Raz can’t kick goals if we can’t get the ball to him.


He’s actually out? Should we crack each other’s heads open and start feasting on the goo


Of course we can still win. But its a whole lot less likely.