#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Raz is important but it’s the midfield that’s driving our improvement over the past 7 weeks or so.

It will be tougher without Raz if he is out but we can still win it.


I’ve said it before, il say it again, he is very fkg injury prone since basically this time last year. Winderlich mk2


Jesus Ben, why don’t you just rip the beating heart out of my chest.


He’s a very important player for us, but jeez, give some credit to the other 21 players out there. Orazio is one of many differences compared to early in the year.

If we come out today in Essington mode, three Orazios wouldn’t save us.


And if we come out in earnest Essendon mode, we probably won’t need Raz anyway.


orazio is literally the most important link between midfield and forward line.

come @ me.


Don’t get me wrong - Orazio is probably my favourite player and it’ll hurt us a lot if he doesn’t play. Just suggesting that he’s not the sole factor determining whether we play well. We were so ■■■■ as a team earlier in the year that we lost to farking fark carlton FC FFS.


How many other players on our list would have kicked any of his first 3 goals from last weekend? I’d say on maybe 1 or 2 others, maybe… He’d be a huge loss, there’s a reason we don’t win many games without him. He kicks goals from nothing.


People don’t realise how good he is and how important he is to how this team plays. He was just starting to get some match sharpness into the legs and now this. Look, there’s no point risking such an important asset if he’s clearly not right to play, but ■■■■ me we just get our heads above water and right when we need him he’s out. I need a beer or 18…


Yep. Won’t win without him


Is it four soft tissue injuries plus surgery for something else within 12 months? Not good.


Hardly surprising. Stand next to him. He makes an anorexic look like a body builder. He’s the skinniest player I’ve ever seen.


Hoping it’s just today he misses but knowing our lucky he’ll miss 4 weeks


He’s a very sinewy build. Groin injuries are the worst. They affect core strength and stability and everything gets affected. Speed off the mark, agility, kicking penetration. It’s what did Mark Mercuri in post 2001, when his career really started to decline. The club has to put every resource into discovering what the issue is here and making sure they modify his training program to get him durable and playing his best footy.


Razzle dazZle groinal niggle


Kade Simpson on debut says HELLO


Raz makes him look like Majak


Finally the club has taken notice of what I say around this place.


Is it confirmed?


Yep Mate he is not out there and Long is !