#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


groin soreness. woosha hopes just a week. we’ll give him 2 & he’ll be fine for the run home.


Every time I see that spud Maynard near the ball, I think about the horror show he was lucky to avoid (yet again.)


we really missed this guy today



see you in a month RAZ


I said before the game: WE CAN’T WIN THIS GAME WITHOUT HIM

People said to me: “You’re crazy mate, we’ve won our last few, one player won’t make the difference”.

He was literally the difference today. He kicks the goals from nothing, he creates like others can’t, and he’s dangerous. There’s no wonder our winning record without him is rubbish.


Fanta plays and we win. No doubt in my mind.


Which isn’t surprising he is probably in the best 50 players in the comp


Lol, I love the bloke but he can’t man up on 15 blokes. Lazy unaccountable midfielders are the problem, they simply refuse to spread and close down opponents.


All valid flaws in our game today but we only lost by 11 points.

His replacement was also a huge liability

Fanta plays and we’re 8-7


Ffs if I knew he wasn’t playing I wouldn’t of tipped us. That fucken cost me!


Please please please be just a one weeker

Pretty worried as he was out earlier in season with groin for quite a while


The way this bloke has been managed this season has been nothing short of a farce.

I’ll be interested to see what happens to Crowe come the end of the year.


Unfortunately, this talented young bloke seems to get injured a lot.


How the ■■■■ do you come to that conclusion?


start of the year, report of him having soreness, goes through training. tears his quad.

edit: this was lav, sorry.


He had a knee cleanout about a month before the season started. IIRC complained about the soreness back in Jan, they backed him off for 2-3 weeks, resumes training, still complained of soreness, has an op. How are they diagnosing these injuries? Mutch and Colyer very similar where they had surgery close to Round 1 under nearly identical circumstances. Not good enough.


He is so important to us.

If he played we win


Missed his creativity and intensity in the midfield and goals


His body is COOKED


…to perfection.