#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Al dente?



Agreed. Mentioned something similar to this in the Daniher thread and was flamed for it. Fair enough, I’m not a doctor but I agree with your synopsis.


Bruce Reid I tell ya the guys needs to reitre.


Well somebodys [email protected] up!

Get the cannon.


Reckon you will find that Doctors don’t like operating on people, so they lay off see if rest will fix it, if it dosen’t they go in. Would think these decisions are not made in a silo…


See you next year, Faz.


This kid is the most important player in our squad, he makes both are midfield and forward lines 10x more potent.

It’s a testament both to his ability and to our lack of positional depth


Good call by me


He’s like Lynch from Adelaide in terms of that connection between mid and forward


The team never feels the same without Raz. We’re going to miss him tonight.


Why did he even go up?


That’s what I can’t comprehend. They’d have known at best he’d be 50-50. Travelling, if there is any doubt you leave him back here to rest up and be ready the following game.


build up those frequent flyer miles.


Woosha said yesterday they knew he wouldn’t play in the pre-game. When did they fly up?


To support his team mates. I never thought Raz would play tonight.


Just thought his 5 goal haul was worth a post or two ya know…

razzle dazzle


Deadset gun, our best player.


He’s our best. Pure and simple. They need to sign him to a lifetime deal. He is that good. Beat small forward in the AFL.


Sliced bread has never been this good!