#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


If he plays a full year he is a lock for all Australian next year. So clinical and a beautiful user of the ball. Genuine star


Most valuable we have re team balance. Gun.


Never should’ve given off to Hurley at the start and I think he knew it. Wanted all the goals from that point on.


I rate him on talent in our top 5 with the potential to be #1 on our list

Absolute freakshow


If he played a full year he’d win the Coleman.


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Legitimate gun forward. Makes our crappy forward bombs look good because he’s kicking freak goals. I still reckon if we had him we’d have beaten Collingwood.


Thank fark for Nathan Bassett.


Contract status?


He is silk. Gives us a genuinely dangerous forward target who can kick a bag of goals.
And he does the hard stuff - runs, tackles, gets into the opposition faces. Good mark as well.
He makes a massive difference when he is in the side.


I hold my breath every time he stretches, runs, jumps, lands, kicks, waiting for something to ping.
He is by far the most important player to our slim finals chances.


Got any more of these hiding at Norwood or SANFL @Aceman ?


RAZ can play.


Freakshow. Love him.


Remember in late 2015, around that Adelaide game’ when the club sent a email with the subject ‘Fantasia resigns’? Very glad that he actually re-signed.






Contracted till 2019 I think. I hope Dodoro and co are working on a long term deal give him 4 years


In the Brownlow and the Nobby (from me).


That goal from nowhere in the second quarter! Did he even look at the goals? He doesn’t need to, knows where they are and drills it. It seems to all come so naturally to him.