#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Essendon has a small forward you guys


Goes ok.


Seems like e has one goal like that in him most weeks. Makes something out of nothing, a little wizard around the big sticks.


An intelligent forward who knows where and when to lead.
Along with Stringer, is our most natural forward.


Absolute jet. He and Smith are my favourite players to watch at the moment.


Has gone past Orazio Fontana as an artist.


He doesn’t just put it in at one end of the ground either.

I believe it was the last quarter? There was loose ball out on the wing with two Freo players closing in on it.

Fantasia coming from a lot further back than either of them, outruns one, the other is about to get his hands on the ball and Fantasia just wills himself to get there first and taps it past him before he can blink and sprints onto it before collecting and dishing back to a defender for the team to reset.

Everything he does is class.


His absence for chunks of the year has hurt more than any other. That 3 week patch against pies, Dees Hawks that he missed was huge. We were on top and wasteful for periods in all of those games. this guy and our ability to put score board pressure on are just so tightly linked.

He’s still not 100% though.


If he was fit all year we would have been top 4 i reckon. He makes that much of a difference in a year when the competition is very even.


Is deadset one of our most important players. Magical razzmatazz.


As good as he is forward i reckon he can turn into a topline midfielder.

He is the player winderlich would have been without injuries


hold your horses mate, raz has had some injury trouble. give it 5 years and we’ll readdress the comparison.


He has almost become the barometer for the team. Crucial player.

We picked him up with the pick we got from Freo for Gumbleton.

Didn’t work out with Gumby but in a weird way a decade on we are being rewarded with a player that could have been pick 2.

Thank you Gumbleton and Freo.


100% agree. Him and Daniher fit could have had us where the Pies are which is a painful thought.


On the footy show today, Smith said Fantasia was in the top 2 for important players in the club. Lots of respect there.


So you’re saying that if the injuries continue then we can truly say he’s Winderlich 2.0?


Raz right now is similar but better to the Winderlich Renaissance of 2013/14.


Man, dont even joke!


Dodoro actually likened Fantasia to Winderlich when he was first drafted.


Did he say who was number 1? Or was he too humble to say.