#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


He said Daniher.

He said whilst he hasn’t seen Daniher at full flight cause of his injury this year, the buzz around the club when Daniher is “on” is almost Buddy like.


Who’s better out of he and Zach?


zach, more inside game.


Different players and roles. … bit of a Sophies choice though.


Very true!




Fantasia is better than Winderlich


Well, der.

There’s no one in the league better at the low pick-ups at pace. And it’s not just skill, it’s nous – loved one collection on the Southern Cross flank in the second quarter yesterday where he didn’t run monotonically to take the ball but slowed, changed his angle, then BURST. Gave his man zero chance of stopping him once he took it.

If his hamstrings hold, he is going to be one of the greats.


I agree.

I haven’t seen a guy come through with his skill set in a long time. I think a move to the middle next year and a couple more kilos will see him become one of the most damaging mids we’ve seen at Essendon.


Can’t wait till anzac day next year when he makes Maynard his ■■■■■ again!


Fantasia is not a midfielder ffs. Been crying out for a legit small forward for a decade and we finally get one who can kick bags semi regularly and you all want him as a mid?

No. Not having it.


Not a Mecuri fan I take it.



Needs to spend the preseason making his hammies impervious to damage.


What would hurt the most … losing wanganeen at the time or Raz moving back to Adel? We where a much better side when wanganern left…


Raz seems to be really invested in this group, is loved by all and has relished becoming a leader. Reckon he’s committed to seeing this through.


No idea why Raz would want to move


What is his contract status ? I am very nervous … Adelaide are into him no doubt as they need an Eddie replacement… Dare I say barricked for Adel as a kid …!?


Signed till the end of next year. He’s a leader at this club. Stupid worrying about him leaving at this point in time.


Mercs didn’t do much in the last decade.