#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


In watching our goals again the Raz one where he gets the hand ball from Myers and then snaps on his left is amazing for this reason

Raz starts in the guts but at defensive side of centre bounce, keeps helping push/is tracking ball fwd from there. Lays a big tackle which spills ball free. Then gets up again as Langford is streaming fwd with it to eventually then be the option after Lang fights through a tackle to get the ball out that ends up with Myers.



Is this the part where we say Champion Data is really good and accurate ?


It’s the best!!


I found a 2007 edition the other day and they burn beautifully.


No almost about it - he is the barometer for our team.
When he is in the team and fully fit we are without doubt a 6+ goal better outfit.


So far this year:

We have won 70% of games Orazio has played in (7 /10).

We have lost 71% of games Orazio has not played in (5/7).


And two of the losses, against the doggies and Carlton was his first week back from injury and a little underdone.

The other loss was Richmond.


based on Saturday’s effort it looks like he has that come back from injury and make an impact thing sorted out


Is happy at essendon and wont leave


Sooooo, are you saying you want him injured every second week or so???


He da Mannnn!


I was disappointed the numbskull commonpotaters didn’t mention the extent of his involvement in that goal. For shear effort alone it should be in the running for goal of the year. SPECTACULAR


I did the maths and it’s very clear we want Orazio to play every week.



Funniest post of the year. I’m still laughing out loud!


Francis calc looks terrible.

If Francis = x

And a=b

Then the equation is allready balanced.


Only reason for the ‘almost’ is that I still debate whether Zerrett is the true barometer. His upswing in form correlates very closely with when we started to win games and play good footy.

For me Zerrett has the runs on the board which a fully fit season from Fantasia I suspect would erode greatly as to the true barometer king. Both guns and leaders for the next decade.


I could hear the thump from that tackle up in the stand. Massive goal.


His swagger after a great run or a goal is just soooo infectious. I’m sure that’s a major part of him being such a talisman for the side. He just gets everyone, players, crowd, even commentators, involved. Add in his great footy talent and you don’t get a whole lot better than that!..AND he’s only 22 years old!


Essington loves to root us.


Maths jokes huh