#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


So that’s how the selection panel works! Is that formula passed by asada?


Raz would be one of the most important players for us. Top five (no order) Heppell, Hurley, Zac, Joe and Raz.


Wasn’t he injured during the Richmond game and out for a few weeks afterwards?


He was hampered during that game, but played the following games up to North


Would love to see him 1 out in the 50. Just about unstoppable on the lead.


One of the few players who consistently leads toward the ball carrier rather than away from them. His timing is perfect. He is the complete small forward, there is none better in the competition.


Do you hook him up at deluxe?


Gee that was good what a gun




Matt kennedy loves disco



Mmmm cryptic


A number have mentioned how hard he works at his game and how he prepares himself. Good to see.


He is a deadset superstar. Mercuri level good.


bump from May 2016 - fighter



Reminds me of the fight between Simon Madden and Ian Paton of Hawthorn early in the 1984 granny. Simon looked as if he was practising his swimming strokes. One punch in 20 might have landed.


‘Play on’


Fantasia on AFL tonight right now. Foxtel.


Ian Paton is my uncle. I’ve never met him but a bloke I work with is mates with him and says it was the least life threatening fight he’s ever been in.