#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


did he say anything interesting?


I’m in a pub without the sound on so I couldn’t hear. I was hoping someone else would switch over to it haha.


Sounds as if he’s pretty good mates with Jake Stringer.

I think he’s going to take Stringer to Adelaide with him…for the alarmists out there *

  • he said nothing of the kind.


him and jake have a matching smiling face tattoo on their hands


replay up on fox sports website

  • jake provides great leadership in the forward line
  • frustrated with injuries this year but feels like his body is getting better and will play out rest of year
  • hard conversations had after carltton loss
  • team defence and elite pressure has been main trigger for form turn around
  • never underestimate sydney
  • looked at 2Q of the final last year, lack of pressure and intensity main focus
  • wears yellow budgie smugglers around the club


And Stringer, who has a bigger ■■■■, pinched his smugglers.


Honestly thought you said ■■■■, had to double check it.


In our premiership year this guy is going to be the one who everyone else hates. Potatoes are going to rave, news will write stories about him. He will do what he always does while we win more. And, I love that. And, he has the best name in the AFL.



I hate seeing any new posts in this thread. Always so nervous opening it.


He looked pretty cut up about that too.

Wants them back.


Reckon they might be a bit stretched.
Jake might have to spring for a new pair.


I know what you mean, when you add up the fact that he is so slight (club website puts him at 79kg / 177cm - maybe he weighed that much in hiking boots and wet winter clothing?), so fast, changes direction so well, is fearless, does crunching tackles and is such a valuable player …

Anxiety levels through the roof, every time there is a spike in his thread.

A good argument for carbon fibre body armour.


Let’s hope he gets in a good pre-season and can fill them up better next year:


Yeah this is fkg weird.


Have you looked at your Avatar lately?


Yes. It’s fkg weird.


So where did you get a pic of Donnington?


I miss @Donnington 's poetry.

Is he still banned or can we get a little more?


No. Donnington was scary in a Robert DeNiro in “The Fan” kind of way.