#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Did he ever make that call to the cafe?


Strangely no.


How disappointing.


Yep. I am a bit sad for him.
But we can always catch up in Melbourne.


This better not be like that time when you said we were contesting the Francis charge.


Getting slightly dangerous with all these soft tissue injuries. Similar I feel occurred to Rioli a while back which made for some adjustments in his running style.

This guy fresh for a season can be a top 20 player in the league. Must get his body right.

Praying scans show no tear.


Any news on his hamstring injury? Was it just precautionary?


So disappointing if this latest injury ends his season. Genuinely believe he’s had a 50-60 goal season taken off him due to injury. Aside from signing him to a new contract, getting Raz’s body right is a major priority for 2019.


Said to the people I watched the game with he’ll kick a PB but early injuries curbed his influence. How bad was St Kilda, they started Brown on Fantasia and he kicks a goal within the first minute. No wonder they’re clearing out the assistants.
Please be just a precautionary, hoping he’s fit and firing next Friday night.



Club has confirmed he’ll miss next week. Bugga.


Goddard - Has been cleared of any damage to his ACL.

Saad - Will do appropriate testing throughout the week.

Raz - Minor hamstring strain, will miss round 22.

Hooksy - Has pain in his knee, should be available for round 22.#DonTheSash pic.twitter.com/Lru5VIikGG

— Essendon FC (@EssendonFC) August 11, 2018


I’m tired robbie.


So we traded Gumby for a guy with cooked hamstrings?


Damn. He’s a big loss.


Oh yeah. One of those one week hamstring strains.


Yep send him away now. Same with Daniher, no point risking either, just get them right for next year,


There’s 1000 hamstring injuries a year and they’re always 3 week minimums and everyone still tries the “one week” thing.


Geez he has had a shocking run this year, pretty amazing he has played some real quality footy in between injuries.


Our season is done anyway so his loss won’t hurt just get him right so he can smash the off season.


Jackson Merrett come on down