#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Would rather Green


You’re both forgetting Jakey Long


I still have nightmares of him trying to take the game on with a Pies player up his backside and then getting pinged HTB


At least he can get into a gallop, unlike Green who moves like a garden gnome


Haha his head dosen’t wobble when he runs just little arms and legs pumping up and down.


Bring in Josh Green.


He’s been so great the past month too. Dammit.


I’m confused.
So the collingwood player got pinged for a reach around?


Please no jake long never again


Wogs will be wogs


Guelfi for mine.





Has missed a lot of critical games this year.


If it’s “awareness” (which seems to be the buzz word around the AFL medical community) then in theory it shouldn’t even be 1 week.
For mine a 1 week hammy doesn’t exist (unless it presents its head late in the week); there’s either no damage or loss of function or its 2-3 weeks for a Grade 1


Guelfi is in for Saad.

Laverde for Raz?


What if Saad gets up?


FWIW, Raz was moving fine at Geelong tonight. Which is impressive given it was around 6 degrees and everyone else was locked up. Hopefully someone else did the driving!


Did anyone see Raz wearing an ice pack ?


Raz and his Injuries. He’s had a tough run with Injuries this year.