#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia




I wonder if he’s going to have to learn to choose his moments more carefully when it comes to flat-out pace? I remember Jason Winderlich being advised to do the same thing after many hammies. Like everyone else I love nothing better than seeing Fanta in full-flight but I do begin to worry if he’s going to be a Winderlich mk2 in terms of injury.


Reckon I almost remember the moment it may’ve gone. Later in the 3rd Q running on LHF after great build up from HB had a shot for goal, but almost lost his balance and overstepped and then overreached as his kicked it towards goal (ended up a behind). I’ve seem him do that a few times - almost perhaps needs to slow down for 3-4 steps before kicking, so he’s a bit more upright and less ‘crouched’.


Let’s hope he’s more Rioli © than Winderlich.


When he was sitting on bench in last did not even have it iced.

Slight awareness only.

Still turns out a strain. Fkn spewing


That was only briefly. They iced it after a few minutes


And then they sent his hamstring to a night game in Geelong.


He’s like Robbie Gray, complete with the fragile body and everything


He didn’t run there I assume


To make doubly sure it was iced enough.


apparently icing straight after injury may not be the best method? there’s a fair few articles on it claiming that the icing slows down inflammation, therefore healing. i’m no medico, obviously, just an interested onlooker.

here’s one of many articles, from the guy who came up with RICE.

Why Ice Delays Recovery

When I wrote my best-selling Sportsmedicine Book in 1978, I coined the term RICE ( R est, I ce, C ompression, E levation) for the treatment of athletic injuries (Little Brown and Co., page 94). Ice has been a standard treatment for injuries and sore muscles because it helps to relieve pain caused by injured tissue. Coaches have used my “RICE” guideline for decades, but now it appears that both Ice and complete Rest may delay healing, instead of helping.

In a recent study, athletes were told to exercise so intensely that they developed severe muscle damage that caused extensive muscle soreness. Although cooling delayed swelling, it did not hasten recovery from this muscle damage ( The American Journal of Sports Medicine , June 2013). A summary of 22 scientific articles found almost no evidence that ice and compression hastened healing over the use of compression alone, although ice plus exercise may marginally help to heal ankle sprains ( The American Journal of Sports Medicine , January, 2004;32(1):251-261).


Raz and his Hammies he really should get that checked out or try to change the way he plays so he don’t hurt the Hammy.


Limited rotations might have been a bigger issue for Raz given the type of game he plays, lots of explosive movements, turn on a dime etc.


Hurt his hammy when he went for the run on the boundary.


Recommits!!! Thanks Raz


Unexpected great news

Saw the email flick up on phone with Raz in header and expected an injury related negative.


Where is this reported?


Email to members:

Essendon Football Club is pleased to announce Orazio Fantasia has extended his contract with the Bombers for an additional two years.

The contract extension will see Fantasia don the sash until at least the end of 2021.

Fantasia said he was never in doubt about his future with the Bombers.

“The decision to remain at Essendon was easy. I will always miss my family and friends but Essendon is like my second home, I have been here for five years and to stick around for another three is going to be awesome,” Fantasia said.

“There is an incredible bond between all of the boys, we really care for each other. I am confident we are heading in the right direction as a group.

“I believe the future of the club is bright, it’s really exciting. If we stick together as a group for the next few years, the possibilities of what we can achieve are endless.”

Fantasia has played 60 games for Essendon since being selected by the Bombers with pick number 55 in the 2013 NAB AFL Draft.

Senior Coach, John Worsfold, said Fantasia’s attitude and commitment to the club are admirable.

“At only 21 years of age his leadership both on and off the field are outstanding. He consistently demonstrates the values of the Essendon Football Club,” Worsfold said.

"Orazio is an exciting young player for the club. His willingness to learn gives me a lot of confidence in what he can achieve.

“He is an outstanding role model and leader and we are excited to have him at the club for a further three years.”


Now we just need to get his hamstrings to re-commit.


F’KING Rippa! Whoohooo Raz for another 2 years (at least)… Very happy with that. I hope we have plenty of room in the salary cap in two years time.