#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


We now have 18 players locked in out to at least 2020.

It’s a very strong core group.


There was one passage of play that I saw of him when I realised this kid has something. It was the game after Hirdy got sacked, we played Gold Coast away towards the back end of 2015. Pretty sure it was at the first bounce of the final term. Ball ends up at half-back for us, Raz picks it up, turns on the afterburners, quick 1-2 with the hands and slots it on the run from 50.

Pretty lame music in the clip!


Late after the telecast on Friday they replayed some audio footage of Orazio correcting how his last name is pronounced.



Think you’re a year out there, mate.

Edit - was thinking of Francis, sorry!




damn this guy’s hamstring to hell and back, in better condition after said journey obviously.


winders 2.0 come @ me.


I’ll join in mid next year when they say it’s a back related hamstring.


can’t wait for the interview where he says he struggles to tie his shoes.


Glad somebody said it, so I can jump on the bandwagon too. Be happy to get 10 games out of him next year.


1 part winders
1 part gumb
1 part Myers

He is in track to have the greatest, what could of been career.


He’s played a bit more footy to the same stage in his career than licha and my sense is he injures himself pushing for too much rather than being chronically injury prone.

I think as he matures a bit he’ll get a better sense of what his body can handle. I think he’ll also be helped if we become a better and more dominant team with the result that he doesn’t feel like he has to continually push himself to create something from nothing and can pay a bit safer.


Quick hamstring upgrade over the off season, … he’ll be fine.


They’re using roo strings now, I heard.


Would make sense for Joey…


Agree with this. One time he did his hammy, he was trying to do a sharp change of direction at full speed.
Maybe it was better to anticipate and offload the ball earlier. The trouble is, too many hammy twangs increases chances of it happening again.


It’s a tough one. That explosive speed is what makes him so dangerous and effective. Needs to sort how far he can push himself without risking injury - as best as you can. Maybe if he takes it back to 90% effort he may still be just as as deadly. He and the club need to be smarter about this.


Cyril Rioli had this problem. Fanta should have a chat with him.


At least one, probably more than one, level better player


So, did anyone else hear on TF the other night, that Raz has firmly stated that his last name is not pronounced Fan Taze ee yah, but rather Fanta see ah??

I’m sure in reality he means Fanta SEE YA!

That’s how I’ll be pronouncing it from now on anyway.