#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Looks like Orazio has injured his little pinkie - hopefully nothing major and can keep training.

In other news, Daniher unlikely to join full training until after the Christmas break.


ESSENDON forward Orazio Fantasia has suffered a finger injury in a training accident which will affect his pre-season for several weeks.

The exciting small goalkicker had the setback in a training drill, which comes on the back of a frustrating season for the emerging Bomber who was restricted to 13 games and 20 goals in 2018.

Bombers performance manager Justin Crow said the injury should not be a major issue for the 23-year-old after he got his little finger stuck in a jumper.

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“We obviously had some concern about that, so we got it scanned. His tendon is intact, which is very good news,” Crow told the club website.

"The slip around that tendon, which acts as a pulley, has been affected so you’ll see Orazio in a splint over the next couple of weeks.

"Then we’ll reassess the finger and see if he needs to continue in a splint beyond that.

“The good news, though, is that Orazio can keep running, kicking the ball and doing bits and pieces with the group that don’t involve tackling or that finger over the next couple of weeks.”

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The news isn’t overly positive for key forward Joe Daniher either, with the 2017 best and fairest winner and All Australia unlikely to rejoin full training until after the club’s Christmas break.

Daniher managed just seven games and eight goals last season before succumbing to osteitis pubis that ruled him out for the rest of the year, but he has been on a managed program since then.

“We’re building him up really gradually,” Crow said.

"The idea is that he gets a big foundation of running and work that we know will set his groins and his body up to have a good season.

“We’ll be training him accordingly and taking our time to make sure we get him right for the season.”

Marty Gleeson is also yet to resume full training after his ankle surgery in the pre-season competition this year, while captain Dyson Heppell and best and fairest Devon Smith are also yet to start full training after “taxing” seasons.


Little finger?



Season ending injury


Exactly. If it was good enough for Chick to do it, …

We’ll soon know how much he really loves us.


To be fair, Chick didn’t need to amputate and likely sold his finger for a gram and a pipe




Train in t-shirts or something. These types of training injuries are unnecessary and a pain in the ■■■■.


T-shirts are still too risky. Only answer is to train bollockk naked


…but with some form of aggot protection. A slipped tackle could prove more detrimental than a strained digit. And even then there are still risks. Just ask John Hopoate’ team mates.


Joey would be a tripping risk.


A slip related pulley tendon finger injury. Interesting take on the traditional back related Windy Hill flu.





and with video


Please don’t post in this thread (I realise that I just became part of the problem, rather than the solution.)

Seriously, lock it until he wins his Brownlow.


Anyone else see this? Or is it just me.

Smooth mover

Smooth crooner



Don’t care about his thumb.
Headline should have read “Orazio shows the finger to afl.com reporters”


I’m surprised that no one has mentioned this as of yet but…

At the end of the Devon Smith SEN interview from the other day he was asked: “What wish would you make for the 2019 season?”

And his answer was: “For Orazio Fantasia to play 20 games because that would go a long way to us playing finals.”

This goes to show how important Raz is to the team for the reigning best and fairest winner and elite player that Dev Smith is, to have that as his wish for the 2019 season, speaks volumes as to how integral this man is to any future success that we might have.

Very high praise and very much deserved.

Hope he tears the comp apart along with Joe this year just like they did in 2017.