#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


He, JoeDan and Zerret are our best 3 players. I don’t care what order people put them in.

But Raz is top 3.


Can’t argue with that mate. And i know people are a little cold on him after last season but i’d include Hurls. He’s still one of the best defenders in the whole league.


I think 1 on 1 Hurls is pretty ordinary TBH but as a sweeping general in defence he is top 2-3 in the comp


Didn’t rate his effort on Franklin? And i don’t want to hear about “Buddy being injured”, he kicked 6 the following week against Collingwood.


Stop posting in this thread pls.

Nightmares every time it’s at the top of the pile.


You can beat your opponent despite losing the 1 on 1 contests. It’s not his fault as injuries have taken a bit away from him but he gets beaten fairly often 1 on 1. Still one of our most vital and important players though


I reckon he’s changed his one on one style. He use to take and own front position by engaging first. He played this way against Franklin but more often than not he played off the shoulder of his opponent for the last two years.

Hopefully we him back to his defensive best this year and they let Francis do more of the zoning work


I think Hurley’s talent with a little extra guidance from Rutten will see him with his 3rd All Australian spot this year.


Change Title pls.

The Auxiliary Hurley tread.


20+ games during the H&A season from Orazio and we finish top 4, he is easily our best match winner and most important player. The new 666 rule will make him even more of a weapon at the centre bounces.


Raz, Smith and McGrath will change everybody’s opinion on the “prototype midfielder” this season.


thats a massive call.



Not till Mozzie is playing as well -
Now THAT’S a mosquito fleet


“Bit of candy-O… Candy from ORAZIIOOOOO”


I highly doubt that.

Give me Fyfe, Martin or Dangerfield any day of the week - i’d probably trade 2 of McGrath, Smith or Raz for one of them.


Nah, you wouldn’t. Players get injured. Smith was unlucky not to be an All-Australian last year. And Pidge and Raz have plenty of upside. 2 x any of those three is greater than one of the three you boof.


Thank ■■■■ you’re not in charge of the list


Combined those 3 ‘prototype’ midfielders have 1 premiership between them and Richmond surrounded Martin with more than half a dozen players similar in style to mcgrath, Orazio and Smith


I think Conjunctivitis has something in his/her eye. :grin:


Yeah nah.