#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Can we please lock in 18+ full games from Raz this year. He’s the difference between our good and our bad.


22 + 4 (potential finals) = 26. Let’s lock him in for 26. :wink:


So, we’re losing a final? How pessimistic of you…


5-8 need to win 4 finals, mate.


If raz doesn’t get a 20+ game season we won’t make finals.




5th - 8th.


Well we are fukt then, coz surely he does 1 soft tissue injury during the season, given his recent history.


You really are a pessimist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


important essendon player and a soft tissue injury? sounds about right mr salami.


Nope. The optimist in me says that we’ll finish top 4. But, it’s a big improvement on last year’s position. I reckon we’ll finish somewhere between 5th - 8th & then win four finals on the trot (including the granny), similar to the Doggies three years ago & the Crows back in the 90s. The hard road to a flag.

Edit: (for Decks). Raz will rip the finals apart.


I don’t like seeing all these unread posts in Fanta’s thread…


Ah, I’m just joshing… I’m with you - just winning a final this year would be a victory…


Hell, no. We are gunna win the whole damn thing, but not from 1st - 4th. We’re gunna do it the hard way. Raz is an integral part of that push. Need him fit & firing come finals.


You have set the bar too lower. Lift your sights, l am sure the players have.


I hope so… I like to be surprised…


If you keep lifting this bar it makes it tough for our short midfield to order a round of drinks.


He’ll have a Mark Mercuri 1999 type season this year. All class this boy and he will show it…




Trippin’ the light fantastic.