#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia






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Just to ruffle feathers, what about Martin and fyfe for all 3?


Geez, and I thought i was being outrageous in the JLT are you concerned thread?


I’d take Raz over the three of them together.



That ones hard to get on board with.

All 27, 28,… and would just about gaurantee the next 3 flags added to our list for the cost of Raz.

I mean I love him too,… but you’d have to be sensible about it.


That Raz guy is clearly no good, too light, not enough muscle, gets pushed off the ball. He needs to spend a few years in the gym bulking up then he might be a chance for best 22. /s


Me 'n sensible aren’t the best of mates.


Blitz is way too volatile at the moment to be asking questions like this. I’ll answer it after we beat GWS.


and he has a wierd name


He’s getting by on the strength of his haircut and leadership qualities.


Yeah, nah. Not even close. That’s as silly as what @conjunctivitus said


You took that seriously, dincha?


Orazio Fantasia
He might have missed nine games last year, but Orazio Fantasia is the best small forward in the game today. With his level of ability, we’ll probably see him push into the midfield far more often in the seasons to come.

Essendon have a strong midfield, particularly now Dylan Shiel’s joined them in the off-season. But with Orazio providing another option in there, he allows those midfield runners to swap out if they need to.

It also means that, if he’s not having a big impact as a forward on any given day, he can push into the middle, get his hands on the footy and get his confidence up. When you do that as a forward, you go back up front feeling better about your game and are far more likely to have a bigger influence.

Orazio could regularly have 25 possessions and two or three goals a game, and those players don’t grow on trees. His ability to hit packs at speed, get his opponent on the lead, and finish off around goal under pressure is as good as anyone’s in the AFL today.

He kicks the flashy goals, but his work rate to get on the end of the footy is pretty important as well. He’s already a bit of a cult figure at Essendon, and the way he goes about his footy just makes you want to turn the TV on.

(Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)


hey that stevie j guy is alright


And he’s a very good set shot for goal. Often, small forwards are not.


If he plays a full season, he wins our B&F is my big call for the season




What’s your problem?


Hahahahaha… that it’s not such a big call :slight_smile:
Now if you had said Guelfi…


You wouldn’t think that a fully fit Heppell, Smith, Merrett, Shiel, Hurley, Hooker, Daniher wouldn’t all be considered in front of him?

I may not exactly be putting my nuts out on the line saying a talented player might win a talent award, but his previous best has been 8th. Yes, even in the year when we finished last.