#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Need a coach to actually implement that good change. We don’t have one.


He is badly out of form but thought he atleast competed better today and got a bit of the ball. Still nowhere near where he is capable of but did see a few positive signs. It’s taken a couple of seasons but like all players we ruin their goal kicking


He now has the Essendon Stink. Trade him now before he devalues too much.

Another player who start off great, great kick for goal, then get the Essendon Stink and are finished as footballers.


LOL. Now Essendon players depreciate faster than a car!

How do we win a premiership with this list phenomenon?


He is missing opportunities he would normally convert.
The run in the legs is definitely returning though.
I’ll predict Fanta will hit the scoreboard next Friday to the tune of 3 goals.

Boy o boy, do we need a good start next week !


He’s had a shocking couple of weeks in a row now, if we’re being honest.

His total numbers over the first two games are 22 touches for 8 turnovers and scoring 0.7, missing at least 4 or 5 absolute sodas along the way.

Arguably our most important player and we really need him to fire a shot next week. Come on Raz, show us why you’re in the leadership group and give us something.


As bad as we were, incredibly, if Raz was on target, we win.

At least he generated some chances. It’ll come.


I’m an unashamed Orazio fan so I may be accused of bias, but he is at the very least getting chances despite not playing overly well. That’s a good sign. He’s had an interrupted pre-season and it’s clear his touch is a bit off, but there were a couple of sign late that it’s not far away. Some pick-ups at full speed, in the last he got the ball around the wing, had a run and hit Brown or one of the other forwards on the chest lace out. Won’t be long before he’s putting them through…


Agree that he’s generated more chances this week but he’s missed plenty of easy ones and if someone had said that it’ll take him at least 3 games to get going and kick his first goal of the year, you’d be worried.

Raz is also my favourite player in the team and I rate him incredibly highly, so that’s probably why I’m so disappointed.


Is he carrying an injury from the preseason?


Opening seconds of the last quarter Raz got it out the back and sprayed it. He could have run that all the way to the goal line with a couple of bounces and nobody would have caught him…How that would have changed things.


Can’t kick


He just looks like a footballer who doesn’t trust his hamstrings yet… hopeful that will come.


I agree. Kicking aside, he looks less agile/slower.


He looks like a pre-teen asthmatic with anaemia.

Broke his finger in the preseason and apparently that has been enough to see him regress to VFL reserves standard.

Rocketing up the ranks along with his mates Daniher and Merrett as the worst inclusions into the ‘leadership group’ in over a decade.


That open goal miss in the last was soul destroying


He looks like a footballer that shouldn’t have been put in the leadership group after 1 good season, 1 injury riddled season and not much else.

Is soooooo important to our success… like perhaps the entire key to our forwardline working… but looks underdone and out of sorts.

Showed some signs and I still believe he will be right… but no doubt he was underdone and perhaps should have played 1-2 rounds in the VFL.


Agreed. He had so much space to just run in for a certain goal.

Still maintain that if he had of kicked that, we would have won the game.


Good God Ross


Our club kills excellent careers. Strike while the iron is hot while we try and fix the mess we are in